Saturday, January 30, 2010


thanks to everyone who entered the dawn correspondence personalized box set of stationery giveaway, lovelies! it's so fun reading your roadtrip songs!

let's see here: congratulations to #184 (thank
s ... kym of oh, hello friend. mmm... gotta say - i just love her beautiful blog + pretty pretty shop. such a dreamy delight for the senses & breath of fresh air. *sigh*

so congrats, nicey!

and cuties: if you didn't win this one, no fear! on the blog right now there's lots of other fun stuff to enter + win:

closing sunday: nominate someone (even yourself!) in the handmade olympics and you're entered to WIN a $50 gift certificate in my shop (i'll draw that winner monday!)

2. PLUS: by entering your own work in the handmade olympics: you'll have a chance to win up to $2000 worth of amazing prizes! xanadu!

3. AND the beautiful bridget scarf giveaway just launched! be sure to enter!
have a dreamy weekend, lovelies!
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Friday, January 29, 2010

collections & a giveaway: with beautiful bridget

as the cold wintry winds howl outside this season, warm + cozy thoughts fill my head. and what better delights to warm up with than something warm + delicious cooked in the oven, + wooly and wonderful scarves, hats + mitts!

how lucky for us then that the fabulous Kimberly of the gorgeous shop beautiful bridget is sharing both with us today. i just love her handmade handknit and crocheted accessories (AND YOU CAN WIN ONE! KEEP READING! ), and her fabulous vintage collection of pyrex!

who (are you) : I'm Kimberly Ferrugia, owner/fiber artist of Beautiful Bridget Designs
what (are you collecting) : I collect vintage Pyrex pieces
when (did you start)
: I started about 6 months ago

how (many do you have?)
I have close to 40 collectible pieces, lots of variety!

where (do you find them) :
We have wonderful
flea markets here and I also shop on Etsy and eBay :)
where (do you keep them)
: All over, Pyrex has taken over my kitchen!

what (‘s a crazy/interesting story behind one) : I won a full set of vintage Pyrex dinner dishes for only $12 on eBay ;)
what (piece would you like to add)
: I would love to add the Pyrex Chip and Dip set, it was very limited...

why (do you love them) :
They make me remember my childhood, my Mom had lots of Pyrex!

which (one is your favourite) & why
: Probably little orange
salt & pepper shakers or my refrigerator set, they're so cute!
what (else do you collect) :
I also collect vintage and chunky yarns from around the world!


thanks so much, nicey! love that collection! just think of things you could make with those! & so gorgeous and colourful - just like your beautiful shop!

now dear readers, you KNOW how i LOVE scarves, and they feature wonderfully in the beautiful bridget shop. i just oogle and aaw over the amazing delights Kimberley creates, and now you can OWN and win one for yourself!

first, a WONDERFUL COUPON CODE! - just mention "rikrak" in the notes to seller and receive 10% off your purchase! woohoo!

AND... enter to WIN this gorgeous thick + cuddly scarf, that doubles as a wrap, shawl or cowl! mmmmm... perfect for valentine's day cuddles! :)

here's how to enter the giveaway!

1. go visit the wonderful beautiful bridget shop!
... take a look around ... come back here and leave a comment in this post about your favourite lovely goodie from her shop & why.= 1 entry

leave us a comment on something YOU collect. don't think you collect anything? get creative! :)

... = 1 entry

3. visit Kimberly on facebook and become a follower
... then come back here and tell us about it. = 1 entry.

4. tweet on twitter
about this giveaway and leave us a link to it in a separate comment here. please be sure to include @therikrakshop so i can find you! :) = 1 more possible entry.

5. blog about this giveaway and leave us a link to it in a separate comment here.= 1 more possible entry

6. follow or subscribe to the rikrak studio blog
and leave me a comment here telling us that you do! = 1 more possible entry.

each entry must be it's own comment.. thanks! ::

:: RULES ::
a) it is possible to have a maximum of 6 entries total per person.
b) please make sure to leave each entry as it's own comment. thanks!
c) using, 1 winner of the beautiful bridget giveaway will be chosen on friday february 5th@ 5pm EST.
d) please be sure to leave me an email where i can reach you if your account doesn't link to one. thanks.


have a great cozy weekend, lovelies!
don't forget to also enter the *handmade olympics!*
nominations CLOSE THIS SUNDAY!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

*let's meet some nicies!* {part 1}

1. the little red door: ceramic miniature & unique functional pottery
2. the Peach Tree: classic, gemstone jewelry
fluur: one of a kind scarves
RJ Charms: Charming accessories for your life!
pomlove: tissue paper decor for the home & event
papermode home: beautiful home accessories + decorations
7. michele maule: original paintings, reproduction art + small works on paper
polarity: recycled + sustainable jewelry
alex keller: recycling vintage + resale jewelry into fresh & {new} pieces!
tangente: eco friendly women's fashion and accessories
Chakra Pennywhistle: making something new out of something old
12. karuski: purses & jewelry with a vintage touch
13. Mouse Trap Vintage: Vintage and handmade, fresh from the Trap.
14. Jadite Kate: vintage glassware + more
15. adorn+cherish: rework + recycle + rediscover jewelry
16. crafterall: handmade paperworks


i thought you might like to take a little look today at some of the fabulous folks who are sponsoring the *handmade olymipcs!* - i'm thrilled to have such an amazing group of shops who all enthusiastically signed on to celebrate handmaking!

above you'll find a portion of the over 40 different etsy shops that are EACH OFFERING a $50 gift certificate as a prize in the handmade olympics! .we certainly have something wonderful for everyone!

i thought i'd remind nicies that if you haven't already, there are still a few quick days left to nominate folks for each event (and nominate your own work, too!) - some events ask to nominate items, some ask for shops, some for blogs!

on monday, i'll draw the first prize pack winner - a $50 shopping spree in my own rikrak shop! to enter, all you have to do is nominate someone! yay!

there are over $2000 worth of prizes to be given out all together! yay! so thanks so much to everyone involved. and tune in again soon to see more great sponsors! yay handmade!
click on the links below to enter!

Event 1:
Favorite handmade goodie with an innovative design
Event 2:
Favorite handmade goodie for kids
Event 3:
Favorite handmade eco friendly item
Event 4:
Favorite handmade item that inspires lovelieness + wellness (in our homes, for ourselves, etc.)
Event 5:
Favorite handmade personality/group forwarding kindness through handmaking
Event 6:
Favorite thrifty-forward, sustainable-minded blog, shop or site
Event 7:
Favorite FUN-FILLED handmade OR vintage goodie
Event 8:
Favorite handmaking-focus blog

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{hand}making change: for Haiti

like many lovelies out there, i'm greatly inspired by folks that create change for the better in the world. gosh.... folks do this in so many wonderful ways. in this rikrak studio series, we'll be meeting wonderful lovelies who are creating a better world with their handicraft. thanks for inspiring good in the world, each and every one of, here's the next {hand)making change feature: hearts for haiti + craft hope for haiti

beautiful donations in the hearts for haiti shop from:
caelum , malam, kriya
twinkleofmyeye, quotesandnotes
south street , uncorked


folks rising to the occasion of helping however they can has been one of the uplifting stories amid the horrors of the recent Haiti earthquake tragedies. folks pulling together to help one another, people around the world volunteering their time and money and active hope for relief; these are things that bring me hope. when many hands come together to help each other out, i'm so inspired!

i was so encouraged to see the 1000s of handmakers who quickly offered portions of their shop sales as donations toward relief efforts. where our feature arises today is in the projects of 2 amazing groups of handmakers that instantly felt the call to help. two etsy shops sprung up following the quake, accepting donations from handmakers, craft suppliers, and vintage etsy shops, to raise monies for doctors without boarders: hearts for haiti and craft hope for haiti.

kudos to the tireless volunteer efforts behind making these 2 shops (and i know there are so many others like them!) such an amazing, honestly: jaw-dropping! success almost overnight!
at publication time, together they had already raised OVER $44,000.00!
that's the great power of handmaking change, nicies!

that kind of grassroots organizing, handMAKING real change, really thrills me!

so be sure to visit these fabulous shops and show your support with purchases, spreading the word, donations, etc!

know of some amazing craftivists (like these folks!) who are handmaking change? show them your appreciation by nominating them for event #5 in the handmade olympics: our favourite nicies forwarding kindness thru handmaking! they make change!

as the hearts for haiti shop so wisely states in their shop announcement: "We can make a difference, together."


are you donating proceeds of your work to Haiti relief? please leave us a comment with the link to your items below so we can all visit & i'll try to TWEET them all on twitter today (include your twitter address if you like, too!) !! thanks!


beautiful donations in the Craft Hope shop from:
wee gallery, iluvsugar ,
bolsabonita, abbytrysagain
amanda may, LaLaShoes, sarahrubens

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

* the pep rally! *



*cueing the marching band!*
*grabbing the pompoms!*
*cheering into the megaphone!*

gimme an Y! ....
.... "y!"
gimme an O! ....
... "o"
gimme an U!

{... you get the funfun point!}

here's the thing, nicies!

we all need a little encouragement now and then.
i know i sure do.
in our daily lives, in trying something new, in getting through something old.

we all need a little pep talk.

so here's my pep rally ... just for you!
.... you can do it.
whatever you're wanting to do.
you can do it.

i'm a firm believer that giving up on our dreams need not be part of growing up
(at least not part of *my* growing up!)

if you want it... make it happen.

it's scary.
for certain it can be scary to put yourself out there. to try something new. to change. to find new ways. to do the thing we really want to do, but are afraid to fail at.

it's scary when obstacles litter our life paths. when bad stuff happens. when just making it thru the day can seem impossible!

but you can do it.
you can make the changes you want, and be the things you dream to be.
maybe not all in one day. but in little steps, in meaningful ways we can be and do and become the things we want!

think of all of the things in your life that you never thought you could do at some point, and then you DID it. you made it thru, you challenged yourself and then you did it!

YAY you!
and if at first you don't succeed, try try again.

i'm posting this pep rally today cause over the weekend, on a dozen occasions, it came to my attention that lovelies out there, some of YOU lovelies out there, want to enter, but are feeling nervous about nominating your own works for the *handmade olympics*.

here's the thing, sweeties:
making is a great thing.
and sharing your makings is a wonderful thing in the warm world of handmade!

if you make something, i'd love to see it!
and i'm not the only one out there!
i firmly believe that creativity is inspired as we share our ideas!

by nominating your work, at the VERY LEAST anyone who reads the comments, and ME (i'm happy to be your personal cheerleader, nicies!), and the fabulous crafty helper judges will see your work, and goodness knows, getting your work seen by amazing superstars like them is a great thing! at the very least, you might feel more confident about your work, your ideas, your creativity, your self! and that's the most important thing!

it can be scary. it can be scary knowing that others are looking at your work, perhaps for the first time!

but believing in your own work, whether it's a craft, an art, your words, your ideas, your parenting, your daily 9-to-5 of a career, believing in yourself is surely a step toward finding happiness, isn't it?

i think so!

so get nominating (closes on jan.31st - this week!)
believe in your self!
show us the work you're proud of.
who knows - maybe it'll encourage you to make more things!
and hey - that's a great thing in my mind!

and encourage others in their creativity by nominating them. the cyber world can sometimes be a quiet and solitary place. knowing others are looking at and loving what you're making can make ANYONE's day, no matter how established they are!

and beyond the handmade olympics... beyond art and handmaking.... whatever thing you want to do - you can do it, nicies!
- just put your mind to it! find a way!

new year's resolutions may have come and gone at this point - but today's a new day - and you can start again.
today you can reinvent yourself to be the thinker, doer, motivator, partner, mommy, daughter, creator, friend, soul, person you want to be. & that, in my opinion, is one of the great GREAT things about life!


*deep breath....*
*laying the pompoms down...*
*turning over a new leaf and challenging myself to make/do/try something new today!*

go team go!


in pep rally fashion, i thought you might enjoy a few of these fun diy pennant arts & crafts.
sweet DIY bunting ideas & tutorials below by:
2. once wed
3. how about orange
4. the sweetest occasion
5. //between the lines//

just click on the image to find the tutorial!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

the ekphrastic challenge *revealed* : part one

you nicies sure love to rise to the creative occassion and i just love you for it!

as you might recall, last monday we started a fun new challenge here: suggest handmade works that are ekphrastically inspired by the colour pallette of a famous piece of art. for our first session, i chose the wintry *return of the hunters* by pieter brueghel!

well well well!
the response was wonderful!
and i just loved seeing what you came up with... without further ado...


what lovely tones, superstars!
as an extra special mention, i am THRILLED that the wonderful vadjutka designed a special piece just for the challenge - and isn't it a beauty?

*return of the hunters* necklace by vadjutka

good heavens!

i just love it!

and bravo to everyone who took the challenge!

tune in again soon for a brand new round of the ekphrastic challenge!

here's to being inspired by all you lovelies!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

playlists + a giveaway: with dawn correspondence

oh the joy of the handwritten note!
it's a simple delight that just thrills me.

and i love pretty notes + cards + stationery to craft my little words onto.
{keep reading... you can
win some!}

with the season of love notes fast approaching (i like to think it's that season all year round!) i'm especially fond of lovely handmade stationery shops: like the wonderful dawn correspondence!

& i'm oh-so-fond of her endearing byline: *reviving the art of love letters!*

here's to that revival!
ah, love letters!

so i asked amanda to share with us some of the music she also loves!
hope you'll enjoy her fun playlist!


dj: dawn correspondence
theme: songs to take a road trip to!
  1. Jack and Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp,
  2. Hey Girl - OAR
  3. Night Air - Teddy Geiger
  4. Wildflower - The Cult
  5. She's Only Happy in the Sun - Ben Harper
  6. Betterman - John Butler
  7. Rodeo Clowns - Jack Johnson
  8. Crush - Gavin Degraw
  9. Madly - Tristan Prettyman,
  10. Oklahoma-Texas Line - Rascal Flatts
in her own words: i love taking road trips. nothing beats a carefree drive with friends and loved ones when the weather starts to turn warm and the sun is shining. road trips make me really happy and, in my mind, are the epitomy of freedom, youth, and happiness as we explore the unknown with those we have the most fun with. for this reason, my road trip playlist is chock full of songs and artists that make me really happy. some of them are classics that bring back fond memories of past road trips, and some are not-so-old tunes that are fun to laugh and sing to. i also like the mix of popular artists with somewhat indie artists - it makes me feel more musically cultured. i also love to play my road trip playlist in the cold of winter when there are no road trips planned - it lifts my spirits, and makes me want to sing and dance and begin planning a springtime adventure!


thanks so much, dawn! i just love a fabulous roadtrip: and yay to singing & dancing! i also just adore beautiful personalized stationary: and are YOU readers ever in luck today! dawn correspondence is offering ONE lucky rikrak studio reader:

a personalized box set of her Blue Lace + Chandelier stationery!
that's right - the winner can have it customized with the name or phrase of their choice!
what a great gift for yourself or another it would make!

here's how to enter the giveaway!

1. go visit the lovely dawn correspondence shop
... take a look around ... come back here and leave a comment in this post about your favourite lovely goodie from her shop & why.= 1 entry

leave us a comment on YOUR FAVE song you love to take a roadtrip to!

... = 1 entry

3. visit dawn on facebook and become a follower
... then come back here and tell us about it. = 1 entry.

4. tweet on twitter
about this giveaway and leave us a link to it in a separate comment here. please be sure to include @therikrakshop so i can find you! :) = 1 more possible entry.

5. blog about this giveaway and leave us a link to it in a separate comment here.= 1 more possible entry

6. follow or subscribe to the rikrak studio blog
and leave me a comment here telling us that you do! = 1 more possible entry.

each entry must be it's own comment.. thanks! ::

:: RULES ::
a) it is possible to have a maximum of 6 entries total per person.
b) please make sure to leave each entry as it's own comment. thanks!
c) using, 1 winner of the dawn correspondence giveaway will be chosen on friday january 29th @ 5pm EST.
d) please be sure to leave me an email where i can reach you if your account doesn't link to one. thanks.


{i should note: dawn correspondence is one of my lovely advertisers,
and i'm thrilled to have her!}

have a great weekend, lovelies!
don't forget to also enter the *handmade olympics!*
nominations close next week!

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advertise with the rikrak studio blog!

thanks so much to the nicies who have come on board to advertise in these 1st few months here on the rikrak studio blog! it's a wonderful new year, and i'm happy to be offering a few new ad spots as of today for February, if you're interested!

if you feel that your shop, group or blog would be a good fit with the rikrak studio blog feel & focus, and are interested in rates, please email me at rikrakmail @ . i have lots of continued fun planned for the blog: funfun guests, more fabulous giveaways you're not going to want to miss, great games, fantastic features and a few extra fun surprises, too. it's a great way to boost sales, gain great exposure and build your little business, too!

i'm a handmaker & mommy and know it's a challenging economic time out there... so i try to keep the rates nice & reasonable.

i also love designing ads for folks that need them, as well. just let me know if you need that, too!

so come & be part of the fun!
thanks so much!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

with thanks

happy thursday, sweeties!

these tones are just how it looked outside this morning.
ah, pinky-greys! love 'em!

thought i'd pop in with a little thanks to my lovely lovely sponsors. what a talented + fabulous group of lovelies they are, wouldn't you agree?

be sure to visit all of their lovely shops + blogs.
they make it all possible here on the rikrak studio!

i so appreciate their kind encouragements...
wishing you all a wonderfully encouraged day, too, nicies!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

collections: with momerath

i just love seeing what folks are collecting. i guess i kind of feel it tells us just a little bit about what inspires them, what they love, and what they choose to surround themselves with in their home. today, i'm delighted to present the next in the rikrak studio's collections series: 11 & a 1/2 quick questions with a wonderful artist on what they're collecting, (apart from their art supplies! ) you can also check out my new *the collectors* series, based on these posts, on Etsy's blog, the storque! hope you'll just love: women's passports from the 1950's and earlier with MomeRath.


oh wanderlust!
what a thrill it is to travel to see the world. it's one of my favourite things: the endless possibility & education that unfolds as we explore new places.

how fortunate i feel that where I live, the freedom to travel, on our own, with friends, with family, has luckily become second nature to many women of my generation. we know it wasn't always this way for female travellers, and today's fantastic collection offers us a glimpse of eras when women travelling on their own, or without a male companion, was a rare and curious thing indeed.


Who (are you): I'm MomeRath on Etsy.

What (are you collecting): I collect women's passports from the 1950s and earlier.

When (did you start): 2004.

How (many do you have): Seven.

Where (do you find them) : Ebay, mostly. And friends buy them for me.

Where (do you keep them): On the plate rail of what in a more civilized house would be
the dining room, but in our house it's the playroom.

What (‘s a crazy/interesting story behind one): One of the first things you notice in these passports is how they were often created to be issued to a traveler and "wife" -- Husband and wife could travel on one passport, and the assumption was that a traveler would be male, with perhaps a wife coming along. Women traveling solo screwed up the system -- the issuer would have to go through crossing out all the blanks for "wife." Children, too, could travel on a passport with their parent.

What (piece would you like to add): I wish I had my grandmother's passport. She moved to France in the 1950s. It was a difficult time for her, isolated with her young son, my father, in an unfamiliar place, unable to speak the language.

Why (do you love them): My own passport has always been a prized possession; it
represents freedom, possibility, adventure. I like imagining why these women were
traveling at a time when women weren't "supposed" to go roaming about, and certainly not unescorted. Their passports give tantalizing hints.

Which (one is your favourite) & why: I honestly cannot choose a favorite.

What (else do you collect): I take photos of informational and warning signs that show
that little guy, Stick Figure Man, and all his adventures. He's a secret agent, I'm sure of it. I'm compiling a dossier.


thanks so very much, momerath! what a wonderful part of our liberating history you're collecting.

on your cyber travels, be sure to visit this collectors' shop, too, where adventures await at every turn! it's an eco-friendly a trip into the wonderful world of the stickman and his endlessly crazy capers.

Here's to adventuring, nicies!

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