Thursday, January 14, 2010


yay! thanks so much to all of you cutiepies out there who entered the lastest rikrak giveaway: win a bundle of 20 vintage fabric fat-quarters! woohoo! i superdooper appreciate your kind, 1st bloggy-birthday best wishes, nicies. it means so much to me to read your thoughtful, helpful feedback, too! you sweeties are the best!

so... thanks to, we have a lucky winner! the prizepack goes to....#391 ... wzgirl = the fabulous buttercupbloom! wooohoo!
i'm such a fan of this eco-forward wonderwoman! i just can't WAIT to see what she might use the fabrics to recraft!

be sure to visit her wonderful + warm shop filled with truly *thoughtful upcycling!* love her plushie owls, elephants + bunnies so much! congrats!
and yay, cause she's a true nicey, too! and thanks to everyone who entered!

by the way, don't forget to head on over to the *handmade olympics* lickity-splitly to enter your own + others work in EACH of the 8 events! --> there are over $2000 worth of handmade prizes waiting to be won! yay nicies!
and happy repurposing!
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  1. Big congrats to Buttercupbloom ~ her shop is lovely and that owl is certainly a sweetheart!

  2. OMGosh...I feel suuuuu-u-u-per lucky today! Thanks so much kristal-k! You'd better believe that I'll let you know what i conjure up with your beautiful fabrics!

    Thank you. xoxoxo


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