Thursday, February 24, 2011

the handmade olympics celebration!

congrats card by hillarybird


cue the national anthems!
ready your handmade banners!
get out those cameras!
here come our medalists!

welcome to the 2011 handmade olympics medal party celebrations!!

so glad you could all attend! what a fabulous month and a half of handmaking amazingness it's been!

while you're taking your seats... i've just a few words i'd like to share!
(what olympic event would be complete without a speech?!)

cheers to everyone who nominated, cheered on and encouraged others in handmaking, as part of the 2nd annual *handmade olympics!*

over 12000 individual votes were cast (i *think* that might be more then voted in our last election! :) {you nicies should run for office the way you've inspired grassroots cheering like this! amazing!}

and how fun is that our medalists are from all around the world!? i love the global spirit of handmaking!

ah, how i LOVE the handmade community! your enthusiasm was inspiring! the events were created in the hopes of celebrating handmade, and what a celebration you all helped to create!

congrats to ALL of the fabulous nominees, the amazing folks shortlisted for each event, and now, to our medalists!

thanks to everyone who played.
hope it encouraged you, at the very least, to get your wonderful work out there, and to cheer on others in our lovely handmaking village! whether you played, voted, created or cheered, i think we all play a great part in building our amazing handmaking community, together!

indeed, most of all, let's take a cue from those *other* olympic athletic competitors to achieve our own handmaking bests... dream big, weather the ups & downs, keep trying, surround yourself with great, encouraging folks, and most of all... believe in your self, your creations, and your fabulous work!

without further ado... as nominated by YOU, shortlisted by our fabulous judges, and voted on by YOU, our medallists (whose prizes total over $2000 worth of handmade & vintage goodness) in the 2011 handmade olympics ARE.....




gold :: dottie angel blog
silver :: tiny happy blog
bronze :: civilized


gold :: made
silver :: how about orange
bronze :: heartmade



in the event of two nominees coming within one vote of each other, i awarded a tie. ;) i look forward to featuring some of our fabulous medalists in the upcoming months. and i especially look forward to continuing to cheer on the handmade community!

personally, i've found myself a whole bevy of amazing new artists to adore, and happily rediscovered many faves! and thanks to the many of you who have told me you've loved them, too!

so cue the video montage
grab a beverage (i'm on my 4th coffee!)
take a visit through the medallists fabulous work, meet some new handmaking friends,
and enjoy the celebrations!
thanks, nicies!
what a fabulous party it's been!

thanks again to our sponsors: 

see you next year, superstars!

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  1. So happy!!! thank you so much!!!!
    Congratulations to all the medalist and special thanks to you for creating such awesome event, to Clemence Herbillon from Galejade jewelry who nominated me, to EZ who choose my Refuge Necklace for the shortlist and to all the people who voted!!

  2. PINCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MEEEEE! Did I just see my flower headband place second place in the eco contest + heartmade place 3rd on the bloggies? OH MY GOSHHHHH + oh my goshhhhh! I need to hug so many peopleeeeeeee!

  3. congrats to all of the fabulous winners! yay!

  4. What a great idea - saw this on twitter!! - love that your supporting handmade; I am a new follower - you are welcome to follow back if you want.

    I invite you to join my at the Canadian Crafty Blog Hop; I am hosting to support Canadian Handmade crafters.

  5. great contest, rikrak! thanks!

  6. Well The Handmade Olympics...we are so honoured here at the Potters House Penketh to firstly be chosen to be part of this and then to come second in event 7.
    Our daughter from neviepiecakes entered us and what a pleasant surprise. Thankyou so much to all those people who voted for us. We don't know who you all are but we are very grateful for your kindness. I think that the next step is to get going on an etsy site! we've only been in business 32 years....keep up with the times I tell myself! Thankyou everyone!

  7. What a wonderful event this is! I'm sure it's a lot of work putting this together and so I thank you for doing that for all us creative people ;) And congratulations to all the winners --what an honor. Cheers!

  8. That was really a great fun - merci for everything!

  9. congrats everyone -- beautiful stuff! :)

  10. Congrats to all the winners & everyone who played a part in this years handmade olympics! I discovered so many new favourites. Maybe next year I'll be a nominee? Hmmm. Lovely work everyone!

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  12. i am positively beaming with the grand news my blog and my quilt faired so well amongst such amazing creativity!

    thank you kindly to those who nominated, the judges who shortlisted, the folks who voted and the wonderful shopkeepers who offered up such peachy prizes...
    and of course the lovely rikrak herself :)

    congrats to everyone involved and with spreading the joy of handcrafted and thrifty goodness in such a postively peachy way!
    Tif x

  13. what a fabulous bunch - o- nicies you all are!

    love reading your kindly acceptance speeches, great cheers and all-around kindnesses!


  14. yay!!! congrats to you all! the winners and the runner uppers!

  15. Wohooo :))

    Congrats everyone

    Beautiful stuff!

  16. Fabulous, awesome. So many new blogs and products and stores to try. x

  17. hooray! thank you so much and congratulations to everyone. :)

  18. Wowee, this is so exciting! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated, shortlisted and voted... I am utterly thrilled and almost speechless that my wee garlands made it this far, especially as they were side by side with so much incredible talent!
    Congratulations to everyone and keep up the amazing work! Oh, and a very special thank you miss rikrak for hosting such an amazing event... I shall be looking forward to next year... :)

    Emma, x

  19. What a fun 'event'!
    Congrats to all!


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