Thursday, February 14, 2013

we're in it together.

we're in it together.


i am so lucky, 
i know it. 
and i try to always remember it and show my gratitude - some days it's easier than others.

today on valentine's day i want to show my appreciation to YOU, lovelies.

one of my many favourite paper keepsakes is a little note my hubby left for me on a particularly down day a few years ago. i appreciate the genuine sentiment so much. it sits framed on my desk to remember each day.

we're in it together.

... is what it says. 

to me, finding those connections, whether it be with a friend, a parent, a sibling, your child, a romantic partner, your spirituality, your chosen philosophies in life or even your online community is what makes things both less lonely and more connected in life. sharing love. 

here's my valentine's day wish for you all: to know and sincerely feel that we're in it together. whoever your partners on the journeys of life may be. cause i think of today as a great day to spread love, not just romantical thoughts. bet you do, too.

and may each of us let those in our lives know we're here WITH them, too.

love to you, nicies.
may you feel loved always.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

how's your winter?

from Myoung Ho Lee's Photography-Act: Tree #3 via {NPRradiopictures}

gosh it's a winter wonderland here these days. pretty snow everywhere, and to be honest, everyone at our little home is so happy it see it / play in it / gaze out at the white-ly loveliness of it. me included. 

i've been taking things slowly on the blogging front these days. working on a series of other projects. 
thanks for your patience, loves. 

how's the winter where you are, sweeties? 

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

gathering pins {calligraphy & handwriting}


cheers the swell in adoration for calligraphy & handwriting of late! so i'm gathering lovely calligraphy & handwriting pins over on pinterest

and wonderfully... there's just enough time to practice your own hand at romantic lettering before valentine's day. love lettering here we come!

happy writing, lovelies!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

artists 101: modern nature with eloise renouf

beautiful nature-inspired artworks by the talented eloise renouf!


bravo nicies! 
thanks for all of your wonderful entries in the beautiful miranda britton jewelry giveaway! so excited to read about the lovely things inspiring each of you from the natural world! love it! in honour - hope you're loving the nature-inspired beauty of some of artist eloise renouf's brilliant works! love 'em!

now onto the congrats... 3 cheers for our lucky winner ...'s #694 - amanda davis light (sadly... no relation!)  author of the superfun blog primandpropah! congrats nicey - you've won yourself those gorgeous sterling silver earrings. enjoy!

which artists are you loving these days, nicies?  

check out all of the artists 101 stars so far: 

alex steinweiss 
noriko ambe 
lucky jackson 
taylor holland 
shigeru ban 

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