Friday, September 28, 2012


thank you favor tags by rosepetalpaper

well - the air begins to chill and as i work away at stocking orders, i thought i'd put a call out to you nicies.

each year i include fun little goodies in my larger etsy-shop orders as a little thanks. i'm always looking for nicies who are willing to send me LIGHT, flat, handmade items (and their business cards to go along with them) for me to send out in my holiday order packs.

i hope it's great exposure for handmakers like YOU!

i'm looking for a bunch of different folks to send me goodies this year to cover all of my orders!

  • you're interested in some direct exposure with handmade-loving customers
  • you make something very light and flat
  • you would be willing to make 40-ish pieces to send me.
  • can send them to me by october 19th.
  • you'd like some extra holiday-time exposure for your work.
... please email me at rikrakmail @ , with the title: "call for items", with a link to an image of the item and a description of what you'd make!

i will let folks know NEXT week if i think it would be a great match! thank you!

also - the goodies need not all be the same. they'll each be sent to a different customer!

please note:
--> 1) i'm sorry - but i am not looking for anything with a fragrance.
--> 2) i'm looking for NON-holiday-themed items. 

so show me what you make! and hopefully we'll get to work together soon!

AND ---> please feel free to spread the word to your handmaking friends that you think might be interested.

thanks so much, creative superstars!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

fill-in-the-blanks interview with brilliant blogger saige wisdom

welcome to *brilliant bloggers*, nicies! it's a fun series with a fill-in-the-blank interview with some of our favourite super-bloggers from around the blogosphere that inspire each of us everyday with their writings! we all know that brilliant bloggers spend so much of their precious time crafting the perfect posts. so  i thought we'd give our fave wordsmiths a little break: i sent each nicey a page full of fill-in-the-blanks questions {my words in pink } ...  & they filled them in with their insights { their words in grey/gray! } . hope you'll enjoy fill-in-the-blanks with today's brilliant blogger: the inspiring handmaking-cheerleader, witty &amp wise mommy & blogging superstar, sara of saige wisdom. 

sara kindly writes: I heart K and her amazing rikrak studio blog. In fact I love her blog even more than my own and I sometimes wonder if she'd be interested in a trade? {editor's note: *blush!*} You know if I threw in a bag of peanut butter m&m's and a promise to never contact her again? While that's not a joke, here's something that is... the fact that my name and brilliant are being used in the same blog post. I find it outrageously hysterical and since I always love a good belly laugh, I'm diving in head first.

I'm Sara K.

I am a true redhead {and have the emotional scars from childhood to prove it}. I'm also a sometimes impatient momma of two, a rarely doting wife & a social worker currently on a 12 month maternity leave.

I blog about the most random stuff ever over here at {SaigeWisdom}, but if I had to narrow it down I'd say mommyhood, stuff I heart (which usually includes Etsy finds) and truly embarrassing factoids about myself.

You might be surprised to hear that I don't own an Etsy shop, I just adore creativity and enjoy supporting crazy talent within the handmade community.

Beyond blogging, my perfect day would be sitting around the campfire
with the latest Emily Giffin novel (which is SO good by the way)
eating pirate cookies
talking about reality tv
listening to my children play or nap peacefully, whatever they prefer.

I'm obsessed with pinning funky nail polish applications even though I never, I repeat NEVER paint my fingernails.

Here's one of my favourite photos of myself!

I love this photo because I'm in Mexico, what's not to love?! no but seriously I love this photo because I LOVED being pregnant (yes I'm one of those) and my legs & arms look slimmer than usual... the cankles are a different story. 

I just finished 8 long months with a crying baby plus another 4 with a baby who thinks he's a mini-stuntman
and just started feeling like my old self again
I'm in the middle of home & self improvements.

I love making people feel good about themselves in any way possible.

Everything makes me cry (I'm pretty sure my tear ducts are broken) and Jason Stathom makes me weak in the knees.

A word I love to avoid is "blogger"... I mean is that not the most ridiculous sounding word ever? I dislike it so much that I've adopted "bloggess" and "blogette" as suitable alternatives.

I wish I could dedicated a solid 9 hours per week to blogging

I began blogging to capture 365 days of moments following Saige's 1st birthday (I had every intention of turning my posts into an extension of her baby book) and now I blog for connection and a creative outlet. 

It amazes me about blogging that some people can actually quit their day jobs and make a living at this blogging gig... talk about dream job.

My 3 tips to a great blog would be:

Be genuine.
Use a font that's legible.
Reply to comments (like Miss RikRak here does).

Gosh! It's challenging blogging when *poof* that ahh-mazing post you mentally wrote in the shower is suddenly forgotten or when you finally get time alone with your keyboard and you realize that all inspiration has left the building.

But fear not, I just move onto my other favourite past-times (i) Dexter watching... only 3 more seasons to go and I'll be caught up with the rest of the world or (ii) trolling Etsy... believe it or not I was making a treasury when I went into labour with Gabriel, true story.

One of my most vulnerable blog posts I've ever written is this one on barely surviving motherhood. 

I spend an embarrassing amount of time reading other blogs

I love the a & b stories because Adriane has style, class and one amazingly talented paintbrush.

and I can't resist Lindsay Gee because she's freaking ha-larious and one helluva photographer. I got to meet her in real life and this blooper video is Miss Lindsay to a "T" or should I say "Gee"?

and of course the Urbanwalls blog is a daily read thanks to Danielle's Etsy eye candy; it's like chicken soup for my mood board loving soul.

One thing I wish I would have learned sooner in bloggyville is that programs like exist for a reason and using the 'copy URL' to upload photos is a HUGE time saver.

And don't worry if I vanish off the face of the internet for a couple days weeks, I always find my way back.

My favourite part of blogging is meeting kindred spirits... I finally feel normal for mentally stylizing photo shoots instead of sleeping or planning elaborate birthday parties for toddlers who care only about the cake.

However I could do without the 'look at all the cool stuff I picked up at Target and/or Ikea' posts. I'm Canadian and don't live in or around a big city so not only do we not have Target (yet), but the closest Ikea is like a 5 hour drive away... thanks for letting me know what I'm missing out on :P

Something  EPIC that's  happening on my blog these days is the MASSIVE home renovation at casa de Knol. My husband (Trev-bob) and I are transforming our 2 bed, 1 bath bungalow into a 4 bed, 2 bath abode and we're doing it all in our 'spare time'... before the snow flies. You better believe I'm scouring Etsy for some design inspiration and must-have decor (and maybe 1 or  2  ten cutesy items for the kids).

sara k / saige wisdom


thanks ever-so-much, sara.
you're amazing.
thanks for sharing your wonderful & wise tips, ideas and insights, cutie.
as you can guess, i'm a great fan of this amazing soul, saige wisdom. she's a genuine wonderwoman who's kind heart & hilarious reflections bring abundant joy to everyday living. we're so thankful for you, sweetie!

be sure to check out all of the past BRILLIANT BLOGGER interviews, too!
i know you'll just love these cuties!

have a brilliant blogger you'd love to see interviewed here? please leave your ideas (and hellos to the wonderful saige wisdom!) in the notes below!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HOLIDAY ads on sale NOW!

i just love my sponsors {here's my monthly FREE-to-sponsors giveaway, for example!}  i'm so thankful for their kind and artistic support each month! and i'm just delighted with how things are going, growing here on the blog with you lovelies. thank you!

so i'm very happy to be offering a few new ad spots as of today for OCTOBER, NOVEMBER & DECEMBER!

with the Holiday season comes  the busiest shopping time of the year!  i hope it might be the perfect opportunity to showcase your beautiful shops & blogs for all of those handmade shoppers & bloggers & media out there!  i'm offering a few new ad spots, all at GREAT prices!

if you feel that your shop, group, Etsy Team, or blog would be a good fit with the rikrak studio blog feel & focus, and are interested in rates, please email me at 
---> rikrakmail @ <---

there's lots of continued fun coming up on the blog: funfun guests, little inspirations, more fabulous giveaways you're not going to want to miss, great games, fantastic features,  and, as always, a few extra fun surprises, too. being part of the blog is a great way to boost sales, increase exposure and build your business in the handmade indie community, too!

i'm a handmaker & mommy and know it's a challenging economic time out there... so i try to keep the rates nice & reasonable.

i also love designing ads for folks that need them, too.
so just let me know if i can help!

come & be part of the fun!
thanks so much, lovelies!

PS: 2 great giveaways happening on the blog this week: be sure to enter

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Friday, September 21, 2012

a gorgeous giveaway with jacaranda designs

and what a wonderful, and true, sentiment that is!

i just love the charming array of pretty pretty hues and whimsical designs jane creates.  

with something for everyone: from gorgeous & feminine earrings, necklaces & rings, to functionally beautiful bookmarks & hair accessories, i think you'll adore this vintage-inspired boutique. everything is so fantastically lovely! and jane? she's just  wonderful!

so be sure to visit jacaranda designs around the web, and read on to 
WIN a beautiful pair of jacaranda design's gold leaf and blue pearl earrings, 
valued at $35! woohoo!

jacaranda designs


one way to enter is to grab one of my rikrak studio buttons,
like this one for YOUR BLOG! here they are!

the rikrak studio

the rikrak studio
and add it to your blog!
{ ... just copy & paste the text in the box above onto your blog sidebar! thanks! }

:: RULES ::

a) it is possible to have numerous entries total per person.
b) please make sure to leave each entry as its own comment. thanks!
c) using, 1 winner of this  giveaway will be chosen on
saturday sept. 30th @ 12:01 am EST.
d) open to contestants worldwide.
e) please be sure to leave me an email where i can reach you if your account doesn't link to one. thanks.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

be lucky & what's coming up!

be lucky letterpress print by honeycomb print shop


thanks so much to all of the many many nicies who entered our fun 3rd annual MEGA birthday giveaway BASH here on the blog! what a party it was, with over 3000+ entries!

thanks to the amazing sponsors who made the over $450 in handmade goodness prize packs sooooo fabulous!

here are the lucky #s!

winner of prize pack A: 752 : della
winner of prize pack B: 691 : anna

winner of prize pack C: 2896 : sarah

winner of prize pack D: 2616 : jahje

winner of prize pack E: 1392 : krysia

hope you'll just LOVE your gorgeous prizes, nicies.
thanks to everyone for playing!
and don't forget:

1. there's still time to WIN the *i love my sponsors* $25 shopping spree giveaway!
2. i'll be hosting another MEGA giveaway in november ... let me know if you might like to be part of the sponsoring fun! 
( rikrakmail at yahoo dot com ) 
3. my rikrak eco shop SAMPLE SALE is happening now! great time to shop early for the HOLIDAYS, with savings of up to 60% off!
3. TUNE IN TOMORROW for a fabulous BRAND new giveaway!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

scrumptious: the yummiest pumpkin muffins EVER recipe!

it's true, nicies.
these ARE the yummiest pumpkin muffins EVER!
and you can make them, too!
cause hey - if I can make them and they're yummy, anyone can!
(you might recall: i am a terrible terrible baker!

this is just one of my many fave recipes from the fabulous *rebar: modern food cook book* (a wedding gift from chatelaine food editor claire tansey - so you know it's going to be fabulous!) 

we've been making these muffins for years now, and they're always perfect! these moist & crunchy (thanks to the toasted millet!)  muffins are healthy and filling, have a GREAT texture and are just plain delicious. and it's the perfect autumny time of year to add them to your muffin faves!


rebar pumpkin millet muffins photo by gnufmuffin

the rebar Pumpkin Millet Muffin recipe
with cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg 

makes about 16 medium sized muffins
my personal notes in different colours!

2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup buttermilk (don't have any? i use any milk and drop a splash of white vinegar in it before pouring into the mix)
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cups pumpkin puree
1/2 cup rolled oats (or oatbran!)
1/2 cup millet (or flaxseed in a pinch!)
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds (or raisins if you're out!)
1 cup unbleached flour
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg



Pre-heat oven to 350°F. 

Line a muffin pan with baking cups or grease the pan cups. (baking spray works well).

Combine eggs, oil, buttermilk, sugar, vanilla, and pumpkin puree and mix together, making sure there are no lumps of brown sugar. 

Stir in the oats. 

Heat a dry skillet and toast the millet until lightly browned. 

Toast the pumpkin seeds and add with the millet to the wet ingredients. (if using raisins, do not toast.)

In a separate bowl sift and mix the dry ingredients. 

Add the dry mix to the wet mixture. 

Stir gently to combine. DO NOT over mix or the muffins will come out dry and tough.

Fill the muffin cups and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds, or leave as is.
Bake for 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. (i find, for medium sized muffins in my oven, it only takes about 20 mins!)


and be sure to check out some of the other guest scrumptious posts here: 

strawberry scones recipe with pegg of fiveforty
apple pie oatmeal recipe with sara thomas
emergency biscuits recipe with tiny giraffe

what are you making in the kitchen lately?
do let me know if you make these muffins! 
hope you'll love them!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

the 1st ever rikrak sample SALE!

hi cuties! you're invited .... 


what: my 1st EVER Christmas stocking sample sale 

where: in my rikrak shop 

when: begins today (monday) at 1:30 pm EST. 

why: i have an array of beautiful stockings i've handmade in the past couple of years that have been used in photo shoots (for magazine features,  or as props in backgrounds for events)  that i'm going to sell at a WONDERFULLY reduced price. they are in excellent condition. i'll also be offering discontinued size stockings at a phenomenal price, too! 


so now's your chance to snatch up some rikrak eco felt stockings for your beautiful home, or for a friend, or family member, at a wonderful savings! 

 see you in the shop! (i'll put the kettle on and meet you there for tea!) thanks nicies!
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Friday, September 14, 2012


happy friday, cutiepies!
and it's time for another celebration of all of you fabulous bloggers out there!  
no better-a-time then to thank you all for coming by & playing here every monday, wednesday & friday!

so leave us a link to your own blog {and/or perhaps another link to one your favourite blogs!} + it'll be a superfun way to meet new folks + share your writings with everyone!

it'll be a permanent, up-date-able feature on my sidebar here, so we all can visit your lovely blogs!

can't wait to visit all of YOUR beautiful writings!
have a great day, sweeties!

{ps: have a gorgeous online handmade shop. too? add your link to *my talented, talented friends* page here for all to see, too! } 

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the amazing 2 dollar DIY bed headboard project!


it's true!
here's my DIY $2 headboard project.

we've just completed a makeover on the guest bedroom at my mom's home. (more photos on the complete, inexpensive before and after soon!)

our budget to redo the entire room was under $100. crazy right? yes. 
do-able/ (with lots and lots of repurposing?)

thought you'd like a sneak peek at one of the very best budget-wise projects: the $2 headboard.

i think a headboard just finishes things off lovely-like.
and we needed something extra-budget-friendly at the end of the project. (repurposing an old headboard or door was even over budget! so was buying enough paint to paint a headboard on the wall!)  so we put on our creative thinking caps and came up with this cutie!

here's the secret ...
it's kinda a fake headboard.
what could be lovelier than that?

perfect for a spare room!

here's what you will need to complete this easy project:
(i'm sure you probably have most of them at home already!) 
  • 1 roll of con-tact shelf paper in your choice of colours. con-tact paper has a decorative front and a sticky-adhesive backing. it usually comes in rolls.  (i choose lovely & solid bright white!)  = $1.00 at dollar stores. also available at most home or craft stores
  • measuring tape
  • straight ruler
  • pencil
  • green painters tape = $1 (it won't leave any marks on your wall)
  • level if you have one (i didn't)
  • scissors or exacto knife 

1. decide on a design for your headboard. 
i went with the modern & minimalist look of a geometric & straight rectangle. but you could choose any symmetrical shape. (try searching *headboard shapes* on google or take a look at these ideas here. )

2. using a measuring tape, decide on the dimensions of your new headboard. 
using a pencil, gently mark how high and how wide you'd like your headboard to be on the wall. stand back and double check that you love it. take measurements.

3. lay out your con-tact paper on a flat surface. using the easy grid lines on the back of the adhesive paper, mark out the dimensions of your new headboard. (i chose to make mine only as tall as one width of the roll, and slightly longer than the bed & matress. this way i only had to make one cut! but you could easily overlap the contact paper to make higher or wider shapes. )

4. being extra careful not to bend or crease the con-tact paper, cut out your headboard using scissors or an exacto knife.

5. rip off a few pieces of the green painters tape. with the wrong side/sticky side of the contact paper facing the wall, carefully use the green tape to HOLD your headboard in place. use the level to check that the headboard is straight. (or eye-ball it!) - erase and pencil marks that you can see off the wall. 

6. once in place perfectly, start in the top corner (i worked from top left to right.) begin to carefully peel off the backing paper from underneath. this part can be a bit tricky. i recommend going as slowly as possible so as to not tear the headboard. peel off a medium sized vertical section, let the backing paper hang, and use the straight ruler to gently push out any airbubbles in the headboard (similar to wallpapering). after that, use your finger/hand to push directly onto the contact paper to increase the bond.

7. repeat step 6 until the headboard is attached fully, with a strong hold, and there are no air bubbles.

8. tada!

i love the look. it's fresh and clean and has stayed put!


notes: the contact paper i used took on the painterly texture of my wall underneath. i like the look, but if you want a more solid look, try looking for thicker contact paper. (hey - mine was only a dollar after all!)

i considered using mod podge to finish the edges, but so far that hasn't been's stayed in place beautifully. 

con-tact paper is a brand name, but i'd guess that any adhesive back shelf paper would do! 


try it for yourself! the possibilities are endless! 
here's a peek at the before & after for the whole guest room!
what was once dark & dingy is now bright & light!
done any fun before & after projects lately? 
leave me the link - i'd love to see!

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