Wednesday, September 5, 2012

meet the superhumans

love this *superhumans* video! thanks to melissa blake


ever feel sorry for yourself?
me too.

ever afraid to face fears?
ever seek superhuman courage to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle?

ditto for me.

well here's some of my recent inspiration.
holey moley, the paralympians!

honestly. people amaze me.

physical challenge is something oft on my family's mind:
my dad walked with an artificial leg since he was a young teenager.
my mother now depends on her wheelchair to be mobile.
my mother in law painfully awaits a much needed hip replacement.

folks' ability to overcome these physical challenges always amazes me.

and the inaccessability of almost everywhere is something we think about daily. (and we have the priviledge of living in *accessible* canada!) 

and these athletes?!
talk about overcoming obstacles!

but sadly, we've found it difficult to even find media coverage here in canada of the paraolympics games. here's to working on that in the future!

what's inspiring you these days, nicies?

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  1. I was thinking the same thing yesterday.. I was listening to a reporter on CBC radio interviewing an athlete who has won three medals at the games and thinking that I really hadn't heard much coverage of the paralympics. And yes, these athletes are amazing and so inspiring!

    1. sad but true, isn't it?
      and i totally agree - so inspiring!

  2. Coverage is just as spotty here in the US. Unless there's a local athlete, there's little real coverage in any of the media outlets.


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