Monday, April 30, 2012

the 2012 handmade olympics CELEBRATION!


cue the national anthems!
ready your handmade banners!
get out those cameras!
here come our medalists!

welcome to the 2012 handmade olympics medal party celebrations!!

so glad you could all attend!
what a fabulous month and a half of handmaking amazingness it's been!

while you're taking your seats... i've just a few words i'd like to share!
(what olympic event would be complete without a little speech?!)

cheers to everyone who nominated, cheered on and encouraged others in handmaking, as part of the 3rd annual *handmade olympics!*

thousands of individual votes were cast (i *think* that might be more then voted in our last election! :) {you nicies should run for office the way you've inspired grassroots cheering like this! amazing!}

and how fun is that our medalists are from all around the world!? i love the global spirit of handmaking!

ah, how i LOVE the handmade community! congrats to ALL of the fabulous nominees, the amazing folks shortlisted for each event, and now, to our medalists!

hope it encouraged you, at the very least, to get your wonderful work out there, and to cheer on others in our lovely handmaking village! whether you played, voted, created or cheered, i think we all play a great part in building our amazing handmaking community, together!

indeed, most of all, let's take a cue from those *other* olympic athletic competitors to achieve our own handmaking bests... dream big, weather the ups & downs, keep trying, surround yourself with great, encouraging folks, and most of all... believe in your self, your creations, and your fabulous work!

without further ado... as nominated by YOU, shortlisted by our fabulous judges, and voted on by YOU, our medalists (whose prizes total over $1700 worth of handmade & vintage goodness) in the 2012 handmade olympics ARE.....






silver ::  peru paper - peru





personally, i've found myself a whole bevy of amazing new artists to adore, and happily rediscovered many faves! and thanks to the many of you who have told me you've loved them, too!

so cue the video montage
grab a beverage (i'm on my 4th coffee! join me!)
take a visit through the medalists fabulous work, meet some new handmaking friends,
and enjoy the celebrations!
thanks, nicies!
what a fabulous party it's been!

see you next year, superstars!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

patterns and shapes: the DIY nest project


:: lovely handmade nests ::  
DIY pasta & tissue paper nest by little rikrak (how-to below!) 

there's such magic in the natural architecture of a springtime nest.
it's pefectly imperfect construction of found materials to make a wee little home.

love it.

this week on pinterest & instagram i shared one of my fave recent *little rikrak* DIY projects: an adorable nest keepsake he made at school. so sweet!

here's how to make one at YOUR home!

(seen any new nests around your neck-o-the-woods, nicies?) 



1. break whole wheat uncooked spaghetti pasta into smaller lengths.
2. line a medium sized bowl with plastic wrap or foil.
3. add spaghetti with a bit of white glue. mix.
4. gently make into nest shape with hole/pocket in centre.
5. let dry overnight. remove from bowl.
6. add cute tissue paper scrunched eggs.
(*how to* as described by cute little rikrak! some details guessed by me!)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

poetry party: share your poem-y links!


well national poetry month is coming to a close here in canada & in the usa.
married to a poet, i've a great fondness for aesthetic language.
and i just LOVE seeing little rikrak's eyes light up when we all read poems together. it's magic.

so i thought we'd have a little shindig here & link up to all things poetry-ish.

maybe you've done a poem-y post for the month?
or have a link to your favourite poem?
or an event happening that's poetry related?

add your links & we'll encourage poetry to grow grow grow in all our communities.

cause hey - we all have a line of poetry we love. 
one that's changed our lives for the better.

that's a great thing indeed, nicies!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

let's meet some nicies... part 2!







last week we met the nicey makers who are sponsoring our fabulous 2012 handmade olympics.  

as you'll remember, the shops above are EACH OFFERING a $50 gift certificate as a prize in the handmade olympics! we certainly have something wonderful for everyone! 

there are over $1700 worth of prizes to be given out all together! yay! so thanks so much to everyone involved.  yay handmade!
a couple more days to vote, nicies...

voting rules:
1. you can vote once in each event.
2. voting closes on friday april 27th at 11:59 EST
3. the top 3-vote getters in each event will be announced on monday, april 30th: when they'll be awarded their amazing prize packs! woohoo!!! don't forget, over $1700 worth of handmade and vintage prizes to be won!

click on the following links to VOTE in each event!
isn't meeting someone new fun?!
met any new nicies, lately? 
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Monday, April 23, 2012

my favourite things: vertical succulents wall garden

:: both photos above ::


i'm compiling fun ideas for our hopefully lush, green & gorgeous new balcony garden here at home (via my new pinterest account! love it!) and i'm especially smitten by these fabulous vertical succulent wall gardens. 

you know how i ADORE succulents (like hens & chicks.)

what gardeny goodness are you crushing on these days, loves? 
got any great ideas for our balcony makeover garden? thanks!

i'd love to hear! 
(ps: it's snowy here. might have to keep *planning* a little bit longer!)


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

party time: it's the launch of the AMAZING *guide to businessy goodness*


have i got a great heads up for you, nicies!
tomorrow launches a most wonderful treat.

the amazing jessika hepburn, the superstar editor of the brilliant oh my handmade goodness, (and a 2012 handmade olympics judge!) has crafted the MOST amazing guide to businessy goodness + it launches first thing monday, april 23rd.

you're CERTAINLY going to want to get in on all the fun!
i was superlucky enough to have a sneakpeek and the guide is FILLED with great resources, fabulous ideas, pretty worksheets, step-by-step how-to's for creative entrepreneurs, practical & engaging content, sincere cheering, lovely checklists, fun printables, & more... all in the most BEAUTIFUL format. WOW!

indeed... it's been touted as the definitive resource manual for growing your business - and i concur. it's amazing!

head on over first thing to join the launch party and get your hands on a copy!

happy growing, nicies!
how are you feeling about your business these days? 

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

a gorgeous giveaway with studio jewel


this giveaway is now closed.
thanks for playing.
LOOKING FOR THE LITTLE RED DOOR custom houses giveaway?
please find it here.


goodness gracious are you ever going to love today's giveaway, sweeties!

the brilliant jewelry designer lisa lehmann creates spectacularly stunning artisanal handcrafted jewelry, with a little something for everyone. her beautiful boutique studio jewel includes modern statement necklaces, both trendy & classic earrings, show stopping & simply beautiful rings, bangle bracelets and more! and i love that she crafts goodies for women & men (and children & teens, too!)

it's especially wonderful how so many of the studio jewel lines are fully customizable and so easily personalized!

as well as being a a brilliant artist, i especially adore how lisa so sincerely creates her designs from her own personal experiences, and how bravely and warmly she shares her stories of each piece. with welcoming arms she has crafted a community of followers thru the struggles we commonly share. that's such a fabulous thing. i so dearly love this line from her bio: "i want to encourage you that you are not alone. sometimes a special piece of jewelry can be the perfect reminder."

that's a pretty fantastical thing you do, lisa.

 lisa lehmann / studio jewel

and yay! one lucky rikrak studio reader will 
WIN a $40 USD gift certificate 
to the fabulous studio jewel shop! woohoo! just imagine what you could have!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


one way to enter is to grab one of my rikrak studio buttons,
like this one for YOUR BLOG! here they are!

the rikrak studio

the rikrak studio

and add it to your blog!
{ ... just copy & paste the text in the box above onto your blog sidebar! thanks! }


:: RULES ::
a) it is possible to have numerous entries per person.
b) please make sure to leave each entry as its own comment. thanks!

c) using, 1 winner of the studio jewel  giveaway will be chosen on 
friday, april 27th @ 11pm EST.
d) open to contestants worldwide.
e) please be sure to leave me an email where i can reach you if your account doesn't link to one. thanks.


* full disclosure: studio jewel is one of my fabulous monthly sponsors, and she's wonderful! 
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

come sponsor the rikrak studio blog in MAY!

i just love my sponsors!
i'm so thankful for their kind and artistic support each month! and i'm just delighted with how things are going, growing here on the blog with you lovelies. thank you!

so i'm very happy to be offering a few new ad spots as of today for MAY.

with may comes  a great time to continue building your wonderful indie business! 
i hope it might be the perfect opportunity to showcase your beautiful shops & blogs for all of those handmade-loving shoppers & bloggers & media out there! 

if you feel that your shop, group, Etsy Team, or blog would be a good fit with the rikrak studio blog feel & focus, and are interested in rates, please email me at 
---> rikrakmail @ <---
there's lots of continued fun coming up on the blog: funfun guests, little inspirations, more fabulous giveaways you're not going to want to miss, great games, fantastic features,  and, as always, a few extra fun surprises, too. being part of the fun is a great way to boost sales, increase exposure and build your little business in the handmade community, too!

i'm a full-time handmaker & mommy and know it's a challenging economic time out there... so i try to keep the rates nice & reasonable and promote your wonderful businesses as best i can all month!

i also love designing ads for folks that need them, too.
so just let me know if i can help!

so come & be part of the fun!
thanks so much, nicies
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

let the voting BEGIN!

hot diggity dog!
welcome welcome welcome to the judges' shortlists for the 2012 handmade olympics!

a few weeks ago, the event gates swung open.
and you nicies amazed me!

you fabulous folks from all over the handmaking world nominated an amazing array of glorious creations and creators. wow - what creative geniuses you all are! 

100s of  phenomenal entries later ...   there were brilliant nominations from old favourites, brand-new faves, handmaking superstars, and the handmaking superstars of tomorrow!

amazing stuff, nicies. thanks so much for playing! it was so heartwarming to read of your own love of handmaking and the pieces that inspire you!

and now our judges have narrowed down (what a task that would have been... the nominations were all so amazing!) the field to their favourite  nominations in each event!

so without further ado, please visit each shortlist AND VOTE on your faves!

who will WIN is up to YOU, cutiepies!

voting rules:
1. you can vote once in each event.
2. voting closes on friday april 27th at 11:59 EST
3. the top 3-vote getters in each event will be announced on monday, april 30th: when they'll be awarded their amazing prize packs! woohoo!!! don't forget, over $1700 worth of handmade and vintage prizes to be won!


so congrats to everyone who was nominated, and to everyone who found their creative courage to show the world something fabulous they've made. and to the many lovelies who made something JUST for the events! i love it!

let's keep celebrating handmade!it sure is fabulous, isn't it!?

thanks so much to EVERYONE who has been part of the fun!

let the VOTING begin!


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