Thursday, April 12, 2012

small business ideas: PicMonkey as a great (& free!) Picnik alternative


sadly, is closing next week. 
it was much a friend of small businesses everywhere, but i'm happy to say that i'm super pleased with one of picnik's suggested photo editing & graphic designing replacements:*

wonderfully, PicMonkey is free, created by some of the folks that made picnik originally, and has many many of the same great features of that other site, except that i've found it's even EASIER & faster to use! hurray!

it's my current fave in a crop of new editing tools for everyday small business use.

you just upload (or *drag*) photos to the site and the rest is easy-peasy.  (and here's hoping they'll soon integrate a number of other features like collage & more, too!)

i'm recommending it to you, nicies, and any of my clients looking for a great stand-alone, FREE editing & creating tool. 

what do you use to edit & make small graphics? 
tried PicMonkey? what do you think?

{ps: superthanks to my superfun brother for suggesting it!}

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  1. A friend suggested PicMonkey to me too. I took a look and it looks amazing, has some really cool effects. But the fact that in some point some of the features won't be FREE, keeps me away from using it.
    For quite some time now I've downloaded PhotoScape instead. It's free, easy to use, with many effects and filters, you can create collages or even GIF pictures and you can have it in your computer and edit your photos wherever you are without the need of an internet connection. It's the perfect solution if you don't want to use Photoshop like I did before.
    You should try it and see for yourself too. :-)

    1. thanks for the great suggestion, anzouya. i'll have to check photoscape out! happy editing!

  2. thanks muchly for passing this on! I'm finding this easier to navigate :)

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  4. Oh I'll have to try this out I am sad to see picnik go :(. Thanks for the suggestions!

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