Monday, April 23, 2012

my favourite things: vertical succulents wall garden

:: both photos above ::


i'm compiling fun ideas for our hopefully lush, green & gorgeous new balcony garden here at home (via my new pinterest account! love it!) and i'm especially smitten by these fabulous vertical succulent wall gardens. 

you know how i ADORE succulents (like hens & chicks.)

what gardeny goodness are you crushing on these days, loves? 
got any great ideas for our balcony makeover garden? thanks!

i'd love to hear! 
(ps: it's snowy here. might have to keep *planning* a little bit longer!)


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  1. I just LOVE plants (although not so much fun when I get allergies!!!) Adore the sucu wall with the teeny weenie plantlets - ferosh. I know you read my blog, so here is a recent one on city gardens which I know you'll LOVE and perhaps missed:

    1. me too, richard! thanks!

      (i do love paula's work, indeed! love those mini-terrariums you've featured!)

      be well


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