Thursday, April 26, 2012

patterns and shapes: the DIY nest project


:: lovely handmade nests ::  
DIY pasta & tissue paper nest by little rikrak (how-to below!) 

there's such magic in the natural architecture of a springtime nest.
it's pefectly imperfect construction of found materials to make a wee little home.

love it.

this week on pinterest & instagram i shared one of my fave recent *little rikrak* DIY projects: an adorable nest keepsake he made at school. so sweet!

here's how to make one at YOUR home!

(seen any new nests around your neck-o-the-woods, nicies?) 



1. break whole wheat uncooked spaghetti pasta into smaller lengths.
2. line a medium sized bowl with plastic wrap or foil.
3. add spaghetti with a bit of white glue. mix.
4. gently make into nest shape with hole/pocket in centre.
5. let dry overnight. remove from bowl.
6. add cute tissue paper scrunched eggs.
(*how to* as described by cute little rikrak! some details guessed by me!)

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