Wednesday, April 25, 2012

poetry party: share your poem-y links!


well national poetry month is coming to a close here in canada & in the usa.
married to a poet, i've a great fondness for aesthetic language.
and i just LOVE seeing little rikrak's eyes light up when we all read poems together. it's magic.

so i thought we'd have a little shindig here & link up to all things poetry-ish.

maybe you've done a poem-y post for the month?
or have a link to your favourite poem?
or an event happening that's poetry related?

add your links & we'll encourage poetry to grow grow grow in all our communities.

cause hey - we all have a line of poetry we love. 
one that's changed our lives for the better.

that's a great thing indeed, nicies!

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  1. I added the Troy Jollimore poem "Regret."
    Love his work!

    1. yay! thanks for adding it, moira! happy poeming.

  2. thanks for this i am hating to see an end to April and napowrimo!

    1. my great pleasure, tsuliena! hope you'll add your fave!

  3. I think I managed to figure it out-I've never joined one of these linkythingies before-but I'll do anything to party with you lovely!

    Just incase my facebook link thing doesn't work since I can't really spontaneously blog things anymore I thought I would share the poem again here. And a good poem can't be shared too many times!

    The Discovery

    do not imagine that the exploration
    ends, that she has yielded all her mystery
    or that the map you hold
    cancels further discovery

    I tell you her uncovering takes years,
    takes centuries, and when you find her naked
    look again,
    admit there is something else you cannot name,
    a veil, a coating just above the flesh
    which you cannot remove by your mere wish

    when you see the land naked, look again
    (burn your maps, that is not what I mean),
    I mean the moment when it seems most plain
    is the moment when you must begin again

    Gwendoly MacEwen
    pg 92,

    1. so wonderful, jessika! thanks for attending the party, nicey!

  4. Here's a poem-y link of mine:


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!