Tuesday, April 3, 2012

let's meet some nicies!


i thought you might like to take a little look today at some of the fabulous folks who are sponsoring the *handmade olymipcs!* - i'm thrilled to have such an amazing group of shops who all enthusiastically signed on to celebrate handmaking!

above you'll find the gorgeous  shops that are EACH OFFERING a $50 gift certificate as a prize in the handmade olympics! we certainly have something wonderful for everyone!

i thought i'd remind nicies that if you haven't already, there are still a few quick days left to nominate folks for each event (and nominate your own work, too!) - some events ask to nominate items, some ask for shops, some for blogs! nominations CLOSE this thursday!

next tuesday, i'll draw the first prize pack winner - a $50 shopping spree in my own rikrak shop! to enter, all you have to do is nominate someone! yay!

there are over $1700 worth of prizes to be given out all together! yay! so thanks so much to everyone involved.  yay handmade! click on the links below to enter each event!


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