Friday, April 13, 2012

the art of baseball

:: great handmade baseball art ::

fred mcgriff baseball coin (how i loved fred!)


alrighty. let's admit it, nicies. 
baseball's totally the best team sport, right? :) 

we sure think so at the rikrak home.
we just adore baseball. and yay to the season now upon us!

and there's such a great art to it, isn't there?
yet so many dear friends say NAY to baseball: 
"too slow" i hear
"too dull" i hear.
i shake my head at that!
i'll have none of it.

"so great" i say
"so fun" i say.
(and so happily NON-violent! yay!) 

long live our favourite summer pastime!

baseball: yay or nay nicies?
(and yes - that IS the fabulous blue jays vintage 
uniform font up there. GO JAYS!) 

& who do you cheer for?
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  1. GIANTS all the way!!!
    GO GIANTS!!!!

    1. yay! that's the spirit!

      (but that TEAM, k.!)
      alas :)

  2. It's a big YAY in this house.

    You've got a diamond. You've got nine men. You've got a hat and a bat and that's not all. You've got the bleachers, Got 'em from spring till fall...

    Okay (okay
    Blue Jays (blue jays)...

    1. WOOOHOO emms! so glad to hear it!
      (found that vintage fred mcgriff coin up there and swooned - LOVED him!)

    2. Fred replaced my fave Willie Upshaw. I continue to hold a grudge ;)

    3. oh goodness yes! willie was wonderful. remember wille & tony fernandez & george bell & jesse barfield all at once on those glorious 80's teams? wow.

  3. Yes, we like baseball here too!! :) We are a split household here...between the phillies and the not so good orioles. If you need a little baseball decor? could always make a baseball pillow
    to rest your head on...that is one of my husband's favorite things to baseball and drift off for an "accidental" nap ;)

    1. love that fun tutorial, jane! so gorgeous!

      yay baseball fans! (so cute about your hubby)


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