Tuesday, April 10, 2012

fun update & the FAN PRIZE winner!

so... to get us up to date nicies: 

--> nominations for the 2012 handmade olympics are now closed.

--> next tuesday, april 17th i will reveal the judges' shortlists in each category, at which time VOTING will begin on your faves! yay! can't wait to see those shortlists! and then we'll dole out over $1700 in prizes! woohoo!

but before we get to that, and all of THOSE amazing prizes, first we need to celebrate all the nominees! so as promised, a fan prize goes out today to one of the entries.

thanks to random.org, entry #164 is our fan prize winner ... moira t. , with her nomination of ToHOLD's charming LIVE plant earrings.  moira, you've won yourself a $50 shopping spree in my own little shop: rikrak! yay! i'm excited to see what you'll choose! so thanks to everyone for playing! 

i just LOVE all of the beautiful handmaking goodness that's been nominated, nicies! and i've found so many new-to-me faves! love that!

fabulous work, nicies! yay handmade!
what are YOU making today?

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  1. Replies
    1. oh my heavens - YES! me too nicey! can't wait!

  2. so much fun! I think I need some new stockings too for my newish family of 4

    1. you're a sweetie, sara! anytime! :) hope you and yours are doing great


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