Monday, January 11, 2010

the 2010 handmade olympics!


update! feb. 1, 2010
thanks so much to everyone who has entered!
what an amazing & talented bunch you are!

nominations are now CLOSED.
your nominations have been sent to the judges, and we look forward to the revealing of their short lists (on feb. 8th!) , after which everyone (that's YOU!) will have a chance to vote on who will WIN! yay!
thanks again,


(sew) FASTER.
(paint) HIGHER.
(metalsmith) STRONGER!

ladies + gentlemen!
welcome to the 2010 handmade olympics:
where the handmade world comes together to celebrate making things!

think alpine sewing.

downhill woodworking.

pairs cooking on ice!
and all of the other amazing things folks in the handmade world do + make + create every day!

oh what a wonderful handmade world we live in!

now's your chance to show the world your own creative creations, or send some handmaking love out to other nicies who inspire you in the handmaking + handpicked world!

by entering the various events, it's a wonderful way to show the world your beautiful creations, have some amazing judges check out your great shops, AND, if that's not enough fun, there are over $2000.00 USD worth of AMAZING handmade + vintage prizes! woowee!

here's how it will work.
  • there are 8 fun handmade olympic events, each based on a tenant of my little blog!
  • for each event, you can nominate ONE of your own fabulous creations, shops, blogs, etc. (please read rules for each event) + nominate ONE of your favourites from another shop, site, blog, etc.
  • by nominating yourself + others, you will automatically be entered in the randomly chosen FAN prize pack drawing (the first of many prizes!):--> a $50.00 shopping spree in my handmade shop, rikrak!
  • once nominations close, our illustrious judges will take a look at the amazing nominations in each category. the judges will announce a short-list for each category of their 10 favourite nominations!
  • once the short-lists are announced, EVERYONE will get a chance to VOTE on their very favourites!
  • the top-3 vote-getting WINNERS in each category, as determined by you, the readers, will be awarded a prize! yay!
1. nominate + spread the word
(open january 11, 2010 - january 31, 2010)

2. the FAN PRIZE
will be randomly selected from the total nominations! (feb 1st)

3. the judges TOP 10 shortlists
will be announced (february 8th, 2010)

4. VOTING will then begin
on each top 10 event list.
voting will take place between february 8th - february 17th

5. the top 3 vote-getters in each event
will be announced on february 18th and their GOLD, silver + bronze prize packs awarded! wait til you SEE the prize packs!


the amazing PRIZES
valued at OVER $2000.00 USD, the handmade olympics prize packs are just gosh-darn fantastical! (please note: prizes have no cash value! thanks!)

EACH of the 8 events will award:

:: a GOLD prize pack (with $150.00 worth of shopping sprees!)
+ an *i WON* the handmade olympics banner/button image to use on your site/blog/shop
+ an artist/crafter feature on the rikrak studio blog!

:: a SILVER prize pack (with $100.00 worth of shopping sprees!)

:: a BRONZE prize pack of a one month ad spot on the rikrak studio blog! yay!

1. you can nominate ONE of your own PLUS ONE of another person's applicable items/shops/blogs in each event. like to nominate yourself in a category but haven't made anything yet that fits the theme? yay to creating it! woohoo!

2. to nominate, PLEASE state: :: the name of the item/blog/etc :: who made it :: why you're nominating it for this specific event :: and a LINK to an image of the item/blog/shop/etc.

3. no need to even have a handmade shop yet to enter. you can upload your images to the *handmade olympics* photo pool on flickr whether you have a shop or not! yay! (be sure to check in on all of the entries!)

4. sponsors are not eligible to win a prize in their own event.

5. there are a couple of ways to get a few EXTRA ballots in the FAN PRIZE pack drawing. for this event:
a) twitter about your nomination + include the hashtag #handmadeolympics in the tweet and come back to each event to tell us about it! = 1 extra ballot (only the 1st tweet eligible)
b) blog about the *handmade olympics* and come back to each event to tell us about it! = 1 extra ballot total.

c) update your facebook status about the *handmade olympics* and come back here to each event & tell us about it = 1 extra ballot total.

6. each person could have a possible total of 5 ballot entries per event (rule #1 + rule #5}

7. HAVE FUN + help CELEBRATE handmaking!

8. please comment separately for
each nomination/entry. thanks kindly!



woohoo, nicies!
let's the GAMES begin!

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  1. I entered in Event 3.....
    thanks for setting this up Kristal!

    your friend,

  2. wow.. this sounds like a lot of fun! i'll be nominating all this week! :)

  3. You're brilliant, RR!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Great job, Kristal! Awesome prizes and judges!! I can't wait to see who wins the gift certificate to my shop! Good luck everyone!

  6. This is fantastic! I will be posting all the info on Funky Finds Thursday (1/14/10).

  7. How fun! I don't think I have anything to enter though... I'll have to get on it! =)

  8. Ok, tweeted and facebooked, now its time for the blog post. Yipeee!!

  9. I just wrote a post about the handmade olympics as part of Project:Project on my blog:

    What a great idea!

  10. thanks for all of the lovely cheers, sweeties! much appreciated, and can't wait to see your fabulous nominations! yay!

  11. Wow that is cool. i'll check in tomorrow with items that fits.
    Its such an exciting idea

  12. I retweeted about the handmade olympics and I am now a follower of you. Karin from thestylesisters

  13. Yay! Finally wrote a blog post about this:

    have tweeted, and posted to the Plushroom Soup facebook page.

  14. I tweeted about it with the hashtag!
    Now... to figure out nominations....


  15. Wow this sounds great! :o)

  16. Nominate OOAK Clock Work Gears Steampunk necklace

    Posting to Twitter.

    Awesome idea!

  17. ooooooohhhhhh! i love this! i will try and get it together! THANKS!

  18. just found you thru the blog going home to roost...what a FUN, creative, UNIQUE idea! I can't wait to enter!

  19. swellsights said. . .
    I posted my owl print for event 4 because I think they inspire love.

  20. Looks fun - thanks for setting this up! I'm excited to discover some new treasures.


  21. This is such a great idea. I'm posting it on my blog.

  22. Great events! I just tweeted this (and entered 2 categories!):

    and added it to my facebook fanpage:

  23. this is so much fun, what a clever thing you are!
    i blogged about it here:

  24. I would like to nominate my Antique Crystal and Lampwork Glass Necklace and Window Prism, seen here:
    I made it to help remind me that even though there isn't much sunlight right now, it will come again! :)

    I would also like to nominate the 'Woodland Friends and an Elephant Mobile' by jesskoehn, seen here:

    Love the idea and good luck everyone!

  25. An amazing concept...takes the "handmade" notion to another dimension.

    Would love to nominate for category #5

    Erika's sales are totally devoted to charity work ... and on top of it ... she's a doll!

  26. I would love to nominate Vancouver artist Simone Richmond for her etched lace & layered with enamel earrings seen here:

  27. I retweeted. thanks. what a great idea. : )

  28. this is a fabulous idea so much so i shared it with the Florida Esty Street Team! Good luck to all!

  29. I would like to nominate my own cupcakes with swappable frosting....

    and Crankypants boo boo ninja:

    also tweeting and sharing now, but just entering those two for now...thanks!

  30. This is such a great idea!!! I would like to nominate
    for Event #3. She takes everything from scrabble tiles, CD's, pistacchio shells and more and makes the most beautiful items! You should check it out!!!

    Donna @

  31. I can't wait for this to begin! WHAT a fun idea!

  32. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to add a comment here but I nominated my blog for category #6!

  33. What a wonderful idea. Can't wait to check out the top 10 in each category! I see the top 10 will be announced on my birthday-hope that's a good sign for designs/blogs I nominated! cheers!

  34. I'm super stoked I found out about this but not happy that I found out about it so late and could not compete!!!

  35. can I nominate Lucy from Attic24

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