Tuesday, January 26, 2010

* the pep rally! *



*cueing the marching band!*
*grabbing the pompoms!*
*cheering into the megaphone!*

gimme an Y! ....
.... "y!"
gimme an O! ....
... "o"
gimme an U!

{... you get the funfun point!}

here's the thing, nicies!

we all need a little encouragement now and then.
i know i sure do.
in our daily lives, in trying something new, in getting through something old.

we all need a little pep talk.

so here's my pep rally ... just for you!
.... you can do it.
whatever you're wanting to do.
you can do it.

i'm a firm believer that giving up on our dreams need not be part of growing up
(at least not part of *my* growing up!)

if you want it... make it happen.

it's scary.
for certain it can be scary to put yourself out there. to try something new. to change. to find new ways. to do the thing we really want to do, but are afraid to fail at.

it's scary when obstacles litter our life paths. when bad stuff happens. when just making it thru the day can seem impossible!

but you can do it.
you can make the changes you want, and be the things you dream to be.
maybe not all in one day. but in little steps, in meaningful ways we can be and do and become the things we want!

think of all of the things in your life that you never thought you could do at some point, and then you DID it. you made it thru, you challenged yourself and then you did it!

YAY you!
and if at first you don't succeed, try try again.

i'm posting this pep rally today cause over the weekend, on a dozen occasions, it came to my attention that lovelies out there, some of YOU lovelies out there, want to enter, but are feeling nervous about nominating your own works for the *handmade olympics*.

here's the thing, sweeties:
making is a great thing.
and sharing your makings is a wonderful thing in the warm world of handmade!

if you make something, i'd love to see it!
and i'm not the only one out there!
i firmly believe that creativity is inspired as we share our ideas!

by nominating your work, at the VERY LEAST anyone who reads the comments, and ME (i'm happy to be your personal cheerleader, nicies!), and the fabulous crafty helper judges will see your work, and goodness knows, getting your work seen by amazing superstars like them is a great thing! at the very least, you might feel more confident about your work, your ideas, your creativity, your self! and that's the most important thing!

it can be scary. it can be scary knowing that others are looking at your work, perhaps for the first time!

but believing in your own work, whether it's a craft, an art, your words, your ideas, your parenting, your daily 9-to-5 of a career, believing in yourself is surely a step toward finding happiness, isn't it?

i think so!

so get nominating (closes on jan.31st - this week!)
believe in your self!
show us the work you're proud of.
who knows - maybe it'll encourage you to make more things!
and hey - that's a great thing in my mind!

and encourage others in their creativity by nominating them. the cyber world can sometimes be a quiet and solitary place. knowing others are looking at and loving what you're making can make ANYONE's day, no matter how established they are!

and beyond the handmade olympics... beyond art and handmaking.... whatever thing you want to do - you can do it, nicies!
- just put your mind to it! find a way!

new year's resolutions may have come and gone at this point - but today's a new day - and you can start again.
today you can reinvent yourself to be the thinker, doer, motivator, partner, mommy, daughter, creator, friend, soul, person you want to be. & that, in my opinion, is one of the great GREAT things about life!


*deep breath....*
*laying the pompoms down...*
*turning over a new leaf and challenging myself to make/do/try something new today!*

go team go!


in pep rally fashion, i thought you might enjoy a few of these fun diy pennant arts & crafts.
sweet DIY bunting ideas & tutorials below by:
1. lushlee.com
2. once wed
3. how about orange
4. the sweetest occasion
5. //between the lines//

just click on the image to find the tutorial!

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  1. wonderful cheerleading post! thanks for the boost (for handmade olympics *and* personal/life challenges.) yay!

  2. What a fun and uplifted blog post! Thank you so much for including our cheerleader postcard! You've made my day!

  3. Thanks Rikrak!
    I needed this today!

  4. This is exactly what I needed today! Thanks!

  5. Your timing is impeccable!!
    Thank you for lifting our spirits, K!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. (Revised to fix spelling... I was so exciting my fingers got away from me!!) Thank you so much for this uber awesome post! I have to be honest, I was really nervous / hesitant to enter anything but I think you've inspired me enough to throw caution to the wind!!

  8. Thank you!
    Thank you!!
    Thank you!!!

    I was told this week that my husband & I are "childlike" in all of our ambitious projects. I really needed these kind words & great energy. I am renewed & ready to kick... butt :D On my way to nominate my husband & myself!

    <3 & big xxx's!

  9. wow! that was a really uplifting and encouraging post! thanks! and i can't wait to go check out some of those DIY links. yay for your positivity! :D

  10. This was a very kind post and I wanted you to know that it was helpful to me.

    I don't feel ready yet...there is so much more I want to do to prepare, but maybe it's time to put my toe in the water...

  11. thanks, nicies.
    thanks for your kind responses and words.
    it's so nice to know that folks are out there reading and i really appreciate YOUR encouragements!

  12. Thank you so much for linking to my Valentine's Day garland!! And I'm happy to have found another great blog this way, too!

    Wishing you a wonderful day,

    // Between the lines //


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