Tuesday, January 5, 2010

call for PRIZES!

vintage pinewood derby trophies via RobertaGrove



something funFUNfun + new is snowballing @ the rikrak studio + i'm looking for a few fun folks who might like to join in on the excitement!

i've got a big project in the works, i'm putting together some FABULOUS prize packs. i'm looking for a few more folks who are willing to:

---> offer ONE $50.00 gift certificate to their handmade OR vintage OR supply shop as a prize. <---
i already have a few lined up and would love to have a couple more.


:: if you're interested :: please apply via email as soon as possible at rikrakmail@yahoo.com so i can finalize the prize packs and launch the FUN FUN event in the next few days. the application deadline is tomorrow night
(wed. jan.6th)

---> *PLEASE NOTE* : event sponsors, once chosen, will receive:
:: a 150 x 150 promo spot FREE with all event-related promotion.

:: mention in all event-related sponsorship

:: this prize-sponsorship IS NOT an ad-spot on the rikrak studio blog sponsors column. this is a separate entity!

:: PLUS: becoming a sponsor for this SPECIAL event + donating your prize of a $50.00 shopping spree in your shop WILL NOT COST YOU any other monies. you must just be willing to let the winner redeem the prize in your shop once won! + i'm happily including you in all of the promotion, for FREE as a thanks!

:: the event will run for approx. 6 weeks! yay!

so hey - it's a winwin situation! great promotion for your lovely handmade shop + then just let a happy winner have a little shopping spree in your lovely shop!


applications to offer a prize close wed.jan. 6th @ 8pm EST.
i will notify all successful applicants on thurs. jan. 7th (or sooner!)
thanks so much!
and get ready for something funFUNfun, lovelies!


vintage medal of friendship via spacejam
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  1. woowee, nicies!
    wait til you see the amazing shops that are offering prizes, folks! you're gonna love it!

  2. this sounds really great!! can't wait to see the shops, offering prizes)
    thank you for adding my medal=))


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