Monday, January 4, 2010

sharing handmade happiness!

shine mixed media collage print by OiseauxNoir


gosh! i always love reading your wonderful comments & words. and i thought i'd share a few of the lovely entries handmaking folks shared in the recent rikrak studio *sharing happiness* giveaway! i love it!

i asked what was something you'll be doing to spread kindness. here's a sampling of the wonderful answers!
(you nicies sure are inspiring!)

SewnNatural called a longtime friend to tell her she loved her & her family was also going to be working at the local food bank!

tazimd was putting together care packages at her local shelter, and Joe-Hanna was donating food to her food bank.

amber was going to bake cookies for the local shelter.and kym was donating to the local animal shelter.

biddy's family had decided to exchange only handmade gifts this year! yay! and meganmay and theoneredhead were both making handmade gifts for their families, too!

t.mullinex called her mom to thank her for all of the extra help she's been giving (as t.mullinex was about to have baby #2! thinking of you, lovely! and congrats!)

and eternal voyageur was looking forward to sharing happiness by teaching friends to hoopdance!

abby was donating items to the orphanage.

M was posting a gratitude playlist on her blog to show folks how much she appreciates them!

daerOn was cooking a feast for her family to show her love. and heidi was baking apple crisp for her co-workers! yum!

herbivortex was inspired to write to a friend she hadn't talked with in a while! yay reconnections!

and funly, i_am_amazed called a boy she likes, and they went on a fun date! yay love!


thanks for sharing happiness, loves!
here's to much more in the year ahead!

have a little story of someone sharing happiness or kindness with you of late? please share! :)
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  1. These are all wonderful ways to spread happiness. You've inspired this, RR!

    We were fortunate to have many hands come help us when a waterpipe burst over the Holidays. I'm so thankful for everyone who lent a hand!

    Happy New Year (and sorry to hear about your Grandfather.)

  2. I'm so glad to see so many other families volunteering over the Holidays. As a Volunteer Co-ordinator for a Senior's Home, it's very heartwarming.

  3. oh you should make it a regular post, spreading positive energies! It's just so inspiring, as even little actions makes positive impacts. Thank you :)

  4. HANDMADE HAPPINESS IS...Dreaming. Sharing. Inspiring. Being Inspired. Showcasing my favorite handcrafted finds, with a spotlight on my fellow Canadian artisans!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!