Friday, January 1, 2010

the cedar sprig

red cedar photograph by bluebirdsky

happy new year, dearest lovelies!

what a wonderful time of year: reknewal & rebooting & reinventing and all the wonderful re-words that accompany this glorious time when we can each start things anew in our lives! i love that.

here's to a glorious new year ahead for each of you, sweeties.
may it be a fabulous year filled with wellness, peace, laughter, joy, love, kindness and wonderful ideas!

i'd love to hear about any fun new year's traditions you lovelies celebrate annually at this time. special get-togethers? special meals? making your new year's resolutions (or intentionally not) ... please tell us!

one of my favourite new year's traditions belonged to my wonderful grandpa, who sadly passed away on boxing day last week.... each year, first thing on new year's day he'd cut a fresh spring of cedar, place it in water and care for it for the year in their home. he told us of how it brought good luck, happiness and longevity to the family, and that his parents did this every year before him! we do the same now, too!

and quite wonderfully, he lived a fulfilling, wonderful, family-centred, musical, community-serving, gentle, peace-loving & faithful life to the age of 92! perhaps that little cedar bough played a small part in that!

so happy new year, nicies! may it be all things wonderful!

and please tell us your fave new year's traditions!
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  1. happy new year!
    sorry to hear about the passing of your grampa, he sounds like a wonderful man. i love the cedar sprig idea.
    i try not to focus too much on new years resolutions but i do like to write up a list of hopes & dreams for the next year. i then go through my previous years list and its so satisfying to see how many things i have accomplished.

  2. happy new year rikrak! may you continue to cherish the wonderful memories of your grandpa as you move into the new year.

    our new year's tradition is having ice cream for breakfast on new year's day! all the best to you!

  3. happy new year, love! i hope you are able to keep grandpa alive through your vibrant memories!

    our new years tradition is to eat black eyed peas and spinach new years night for dinner for luck and prosperity that year! :)

  4. oh thanks so much for your warm words, nicies! and what wonderful traditions you have shared! hope it's a great year for you all!

  5. we always have pork chops and sauerkraut - yum! and of course, champagne on the eve :)
    happy new year, k!

  6. Sorry to hear about your Grandfather, RikRak. What a nice tribute to him.

    We alternate visiting between our family and long-time family neighbours of my parents. It's always a great day of delicious foods and games.

    Happy New Year!

  7. What a beautiful tradition - thank you for sharing :)

    Unfortunately recently our tradition has become falling asleep before the ball drops!

    My husband & I celebrate more on the 3rd of January as the start of another beautiful year. It is our anniversary (5yrs yesterday)

    Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Pick up a cedar sprig and try it for fit.
    Working carefully but quickly apply a few drops of hot glue to the bottom of the cedar sprig


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