Monday, January 11, 2010

the handmade olympics {event 7 }


update! feb. 1, 2010
thanks so much to everyone who has entered!
what an amazing & talented bunch you are!

nominations are now CLOSED.
your nominations have been sent to the judges, and we look forward to the revealing of their short lists (on feb. 8th!) , after which everyone (that's YOU!) will have a chance to vote on who will WIN! yay!
thanks again,

please see the MAIN handmade olympics post for all of the fun-filled details & rules on the events!

now.. welcome to event 7: please leave a comment here nominating:
your favourite handmade or vintage item that's FUN!

for this event
think fun.
think interesting + happy + delightful!
think vintage or handmade that is just plain fun!


thanks so much to our fabulous judge for this event, the superfun jena coray, editor of the fabulous modish + owner of the fun fun miss modish vintage shop!

tune in tomorrow to find out more about this fun nicey!


remember, you can nominate yourself + another in EACH event! PLUS get bonus ballots for twittering, blogging + facebooking about the handmadeolympics! yay!


the amazing PRIZES
valued at OVER $2000.00 USD, the handmade olympics prize packs are just gosh-darn fantastical!

this EVENT will award the following prizes!

:: a GOLD prize pack
including $150.00 worth of fun-filled goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to june shin
a $50 gift certificate to rj charms
a $50 gift certificate to mousetrap vintage

+ an *i WON* the handmade olympics banner/button image to use on your site/blog/shop
+ an artist/crafter feature on the rikrak studio blog!

:: a SILVER prize pack with $100.00 worth of handmade goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to too aquarius
a $50 gift certificate to green violet vintage

:: a BRONZE prize pack
of one FREE month of March 2010 advertisting on the rikrak studio blog! yay!

and of course, there will be ONE overall random nomination selected from all handmade olympics to WIN the FAN PRIZE PACK (a $50.00 shopping spree in the rikrak shop!)


now check out the other events + nominate more fun folks!

{ event 1 } :: our favourite handmade goodie with an innovative design
{ event 2 } :: our favourite handmade goodie for kids
{ event 3 } :: our favourite handmade eco friendly goodie

{ event 4 } :: our favourite handmade item that inspires lovelieness + wellness (in our homes, for ourselves, etc.)
{ event 5 } :: our favourite handmade personality/group forwarding kindness thru handmaking

{ event 6 } :: our favourite thrifty-forward, sustainable-minded blog, shop or site.

{ event 7 } :: our favourite FUN-FILLED handmade OR vintage goodie

{ event 8 } :: our favourite handmaking-focus blog

just click on the above links to enter each!

happy handmaking, nicies!

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  1. for fun my reindeer bird

  2. My oh so fun and cute "Dog Kisses" necklace! It is the one that everyone comments on no matter what! :-)


    These owl patterns are way too cute. You just have to smile.
    They are by ginia 18.


    I nominate this little tote bag that I made. I love the fabric. These are remnants from a decorator shop. I LOVE thinking of how to use these fabrics. I centered the fabric designs on the front and back of the bag.

    These little bags are just too cute. And there's an inside pocket, too!

  5. Hi there! For myself, I would like to nominate my Guitar Piggy pendant because he is rock-awesome and always makes me smile:

  6. And for someone else, I nominate this awesome Dinosaur Playing Card Notebook:

  7. I'd like to nominate my fun little ninja :)

  8. I nominate 'The Direction of Happiness' by the fantastic PearsonMaron. Absolutely everything in this shop is fun + interesting + happy + delightful, but this in particular makes me smile so much

  9. My nomination:


  11. I'd like to nominate my Friends Forever Card & Bracelets set!

    I think this item is perfect for this event because:
    bright colors + friends= Fun!

    from Camp Smartypants

  12. nominating Trampoline

    Kim's instant collections are genius :)

  13. I nominate my handmade snowflake embelishments because I had so much fun making them. The paper was hand painted, hand glittered, hand punched and then the rinestone was glued. Creating something so beautiful out of plain white paper was so fulfilling.

  14. ::cuteness alert::

    I'd like to nominate my fun little Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace:

    And sleepyrobot13's Robot Key to your Heart necklace:

  15. I tweeted about the handmade olympics!

  16. Hi!! This is a really great idea and an amzing way to get to know fellow etsy shops!

    I want to enter my "Bejeweled Bauble" necklace :

    it's a great mix of fave vintage finds and a few new...

    Happy games to all!

  17. For Fun! I am nominating my Frou Frou Feather Trees.

  18. I love the rabbits in this shop!!! They are funnest thing on Etsy - if not ever! However, this is the funnest thing she makes for you iPod Nano (though, I miss the Pocket Bacon):

    Though, these rings are pretty cooly fun too:

    And these all masks are all so amazingly elegant AND totally fun [] but my favorite has to be:

    um, I'm not sure I have anything fun in my shop... but I did just open an Artfire shop with this on it (the funnest one I haven't finished yet):

  19. my entry for the vintage olympics:
    1970s retro print pop geo grey deco blue mod tan stripes handmade tote:

    hoganfe handmade
    handbag originals

  20. Ooo! Fun!

    I just love all of Berkeley Illustration prints because they are so much darn fun! Here is my current fave: I just bought a collection of 6 for my office. I work with kids & think that they will be a big ol' hit!

    If I may, here is a "Tiny Wee" bit of fun from my own shop:


  21. I think my butterfly earrings are all very colorful, lively and fun. I've created them by printing real butterfly images on organza fabric.

  22. I would like tonominate my new Sterling Silver Bubble Wand Necklace!

    It's fun, mischevious and beautiful!

  23. i'd like to nominate my wild mushrooms necklace. that crazy beehive just makes me giggle. thanks!

  24. hi!

    I'm going to nominate my little love gnomes, needle felted wee packages of sweetness and delight.


  25. This Doll Hunt handmade boardgame blows my mind! It is so creative and beautiful. The point is to assemble a complete doll to win the game. You have to see this:

  26. I'd like to nominate my wide-mouthed frog gocco cards. Fun to make, fun to give.

  27. Amazing Crochet sculpture 'The Beatles Octopus' Garden' by Meekssandygirl:

  28. I also blogged about the handmade olympics:

  29. Sweet Love of the best for sure!

  30. I'm nominating my Colourful Landscape Bowl for this event. The design is inspired by the patterns and textures found within the landscape, but I've made it fun by using bright colours and abstract decoration. It also has a pool of melted glass in the base which adds to the quirkiness of the piece, and contrasting materials used.

    I've tweeted about the handmade olympics!

  31. I also nominate this Strawberry Picnic Bangle by Pennydog. It is both fun and retro with the strawberry patterned fabric embedded into the resin. I've asked for a bangle to be made just for me!

  32. this painting is SO fun to me.
    "joie de vivre" is my favorite saying. it's french for the "joy of life".

    i also tweeted at

  33. I also blogged about the handmade olympics :)

  34. Fun, funky and funkalicious. My T shirt yarn necklace

  35. I think this little vintage dot-to-dot is soooo cute!

  36. I have to enter this...I just love the item and it makes me laugh every time I see it!

  37. I'd like to nominate our (I work on This Charming Candy with a friend) delicious, cheery red Pomegranate lollipops.

  38. my funky tangerine dream earrings

  39. ok - back to enter this category! For fun filled item, I would like to enter this Pocket full of posies ensemble by fringe:

    it is just amazing, and what i consider really fun in a fashion sense (which Im all about)

    thank you!

  40. for a fun filled item from *my* shop, I'm nominating my new Pushing Daisies Necklace!

    again, Im all about the fashion fun.

    thanks so much, loving this!
    Nicole @ lillyella

  41. I nominate these fun and adorable YoYo Magnets! They bring a cheery and sunny side to anyone's fridge or filing cabinet :)

  42. My fun flip doll - mild mannered librarian to super hero!

  43. My first nomination:
    Romantic Italian Porcelain Figurine
    This statue makes me smile.

    My second nomination:
    Hippie Peace and Love Penguin Ornament
    I giggle everytime I see DivaDea's penguins. It was difficult to pick just one.

  44. I nominate this "All Tied Up" creation. Fabulous fun & funky originality.

  45. These earrings are so fringy and fun to play with.

  46. I recently discovered this shop, ikimono, and we had such a lovely conversation this week.
    I would like to nominate this beautiful vintage silk kimomo jacket that she has:

    I'd like to nominate this fun little assemblage from my shop:
    "The Shrine of the Fairy Queen".

    Thanks so much for this opportunity & for looking!

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. For this event I'm going to have to nominate an item form my jewelry shop,

    my vintage typewriter rings - stylish, quirky, and fun!

  49. My nomination from another shop has to go to MiniMade's Bookworm, Bookmark:

  50. Sorry - let me do this the correct way...
    For myself ~ I playfully nominate my set of 3 "True friends touch your heart" hand painted, sculptural art blocks. Inspired by the creative child in all of us.

  51. My nomination for another artist whose work is a delightful bit of vintage fun ~ Starforeman's Go Go gadget Goggles - Fine Art Print

    Just Play!

  52. And another comment from my peanut gallery - just finished a post on my blog about this awesome event and want to wish the best to all the creative souls listed here and to give thanks for the inspiration we give to one another on a daily basis!

  53. I nominate the Olympics moose

  54. For extra fun at your next wine or dinner party, use these Stylish Stemware Slinkies!

    They fit any stemware, and keep drinks identified with a fun flair.

  55. Here are my nominations:

    Someone Else: flapperfly[]=tags&includes[]=title

    My Work: TreasuresRenewed

  56. Hi! I'm nominating my uber-fun stormy muff scarf. It screams fun!

    I'm also nominated Brimbly the Tundra Beast from cute and so much fun!

  57. I'd like to shamelessly nominate my own monster ice cream/cereal bowls

    Because it's easy to get grouchy on an empty stomach,
    and because once you add ice cream it REALLY is fun-filled!!

  58. ok for most fun, i'd love to nominate my brand new mousepad design:

    and i'd also love to nominate this card by the frantic meerkat!

  59. I think this quilt is so much fun! I just love the fabrics and colors.

  60. I would like to nominate the wonderful girl who knits from ana from . Perhaps because I feel like she is holding a mirror in front of every crafting woman! It's me, it's you...

  61. For myself, in this Category I'd like to nominate great fun Licorice Allsorts earrings:

    And for someone else, I'd like to nominate this really fun Cinnamon Streusel Bagel necklace by 3Squares: (I love all her stuff, but this one particularly makes me smile!)

  62. I already nominated my frou frou feather trees above, but now I wanted to nominate someone else. Sorry it took so long-I had to find out where I had bookmarked it!

    It is by franticmeerkat on etsy and it makes me laugh out loud when I see it.

  63. Hi! I have a few things to nominate:)
    THis Hot Pink Carry On Luggage from JessJamesJake!

    Also, these Vintage Beauty Formal Pins from my shop,
    In Honor Of Design

    Thanks for the opportunity! So many wonderful items!

  64. Spreading the word! Posted on my facebook fan page!

  65. posted about it on twitter!

  66. This romper I would consider one of my most fun pieces.
    Reminds me of something that would make an excellent Mad Hatter inspired outfit!

  67. This shorts are the epitome of fun! From an amazing young local designer that I know.

  68. My sister makes these great fun quilts:

    Her blog is

  69. For fun, I'd like to nominate my half circle wood necklace. The circles come in different colors and can be dressed up or down :)

  70. I would love to nominate these stickers from The Art of Joy...

    These are so fun to include when packing orders! I love them!

  71. I'm nominating our reversible beach tote...because the colors on these fabrics say 'calm...tranquility...salt air...' to us!

  72. I'd like to nominate my fun crocheted Lemmings:

  73. This was really awesome, these earrings were inspired by my favorite band (breaking benjamin), and what's more fun than good music?

  74. I'd love to nominate these vintage playing cards - the illustrations are fabulous!

  75. I would like to nominate my crossword puzzle necklace...

    and I would also like to nominate chasedream's moustache crayons...

    Good luck everyone!

  76. I'd like to nominate Yael Frankel's Rub Ons because you turn boring things into fun things with them!

    For my own nomination I choose A Little Nonsense - my illustration print based on a Willy Wonka quote :D

  77. I've got to nominate this fun steampunk necklace I favorited and featured in a treasury on Etsy a while back:

    I'm also going to nominate one of my upcycled fabric barrettes: Eco-friendly and loads of fun!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!