Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{hand}making change: for Haiti

like many lovelies out there, i'm greatly inspired by folks that create change for the better in the world. gosh.... folks do this in so many wonderful ways. in this rikrak studio series, we'll be meeting wonderful lovelies who are creating a better world with their handicraft. thanks for inspiring good in the world, each and every one of, here's the next {hand)making change feature: hearts for haiti + craft hope for haiti

beautiful donations in the hearts for haiti shop from:
caelum , malam, kriya
twinkleofmyeye, quotesandnotes
south street , uncorked


folks rising to the occasion of helping however they can has been one of the uplifting stories amid the horrors of the recent Haiti earthquake tragedies. folks pulling together to help one another, people around the world volunteering their time and money and active hope for relief; these are things that bring me hope. when many hands come together to help each other out, i'm so inspired!

i was so encouraged to see the 1000s of handmakers who quickly offered portions of their shop sales as donations toward relief efforts. where our feature arises today is in the projects of 2 amazing groups of handmakers that instantly felt the call to help. two etsy shops sprung up following the quake, accepting donations from handmakers, craft suppliers, and vintage etsy shops, to raise monies for doctors without boarders: hearts for haiti and craft hope for haiti.

kudos to the tireless volunteer efforts behind making these 2 shops (and i know there are so many others like them!) such an amazing, honestly: jaw-dropping! success almost overnight!
at publication time, together they had already raised OVER $44,000.00!
that's the great power of handmaking change, nicies!

that kind of grassroots organizing, handMAKING real change, really thrills me!

so be sure to visit these fabulous shops and show your support with purchases, spreading the word, donations, etc!

know of some amazing craftivists (like these folks!) who are handmaking change? show them your appreciation by nominating them for event #5 in the handmade olympics: our favourite nicies forwarding kindness thru handmaking! they make change!

as the hearts for haiti shop so wisely states in their shop announcement: "We can make a difference, together."


are you donating proceeds of your work to Haiti relief? please leave us a comment with the link to your items below so we can all visit & i'll try to TWEET them all on twitter today (include your twitter address if you like, too!) !! thanks!


beautiful donations in the Craft Hope shop from:
wee gallery, iluvsugar ,
bolsabonita, abbytrysagain
amanda may, LaLaShoes, sarahrubens

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  1. Thanks for the feature. I am amazed at the amount of money Craft Hope has raised!

    Your blog is adorable by the way--glad to have found you!

  2. Yes, I will donate 10 % of all profits in my shop to Haiti!

    and look here what my kids did for Haiti:

  3. I am giving 100% of the proceeds from my pattern sales to Haiti Relief. You can see all of my patterns here:

  4. 20% of all my sales will go to the Red Cross for Haiti.

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  6. I have always loved your shop - so happy to have found your blog!

    Thanks for the feature, I feel privileged to have been able to help out in a small way the amazing people who are running Craft Hope and similar shops, and the wonderful people who are supporting this effort. Thanks for your work on this too! xoxo

  7. go to sheri 100% of sales till 1/31/2010 will go to Doctors Without Boaders.

  8. oh you are all so wonderful!
    thanks so much for your great work.
    i've tweeted up to bethany's right now. more again soon!
    keep those links coming!

  9. My donation Love in the Air Magnet at

    Thanks for all your work towards this cause rikrak

  10. i've tweeted up to skaro's now!
    wonderful work, lovelies!

  11. Here's my new embroidery pattern: Haiti Sampler. Based on the drawings of a 16 year old boy from Cap Haitien, Haiti. All profits go to SOS Children's Villages, Haiti Relief Fund.


  12. The entire Queer Team is supporting in their Haiti relief efforts.

    All of us have donated items to our collective shop, and 100% of the proceeds (minus selling fees) are going to until Feb 14th (at which time we will choose a new charity).

    You can stop by the shop at

    There is a limit of 1 bar of soap per customer per month (they're really popular), but otherwise there are no restrictions. :)


  13. I am doing a fundraiser for my friend Dee who is in Haiti right now. 100% of the process from the 'Help Dee Help Haiti' section in my shop go to Dee and you get an art print out of the deal.

    Help Dee Help Haiti Section:

    Twitter: thehouseofheart

    Thanks so much for helping spread the word!

  14. What a great idea. Thanks for tweeting the links. Here is my donation to the Hearts for Haiti shop

  15. hi!
    50% of the proceeds on selected items in my shop will be donated to Haiti Relief.
    See this section here:

  16. wonderful work everyone!
    i've tweeted them all now, so far.
    i'll do them all once more tonight, too!

    thanks so much!

  17. hi there,

    I am donating 10% of anything in my 'valentine be mine' range here:

    and have 3 pairs of 'love pips' earrings to donate for heartsforhaiti[]=tags&includes[]=title
    (one gone, one listed, one to go)

    I am blow away by the staggering efforts of the etsy community, thanks everyone, and well done!

  18. I donated this necklace today 'Clearly in Love'

    Thanks for looking!

  19. wonderful! thanks lucie + nancy! tweeted!

  20. I'm a super-huge fan so it was a big deal to see your convo today, and then this lovely blog post! We just broke the $20,000 mark and it has so much to do with all of the support we've received from the online community--thank you so much!!!

    ♥ Victoria of Hearts for Haiti

  21. Thank you so much for the feature,
    I hope this shop will go on as long as is needed, it is such heartwarming to see everyone participating and kudos to the ones who run it!


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