Thursday, January 28, 2010

*let's meet some nicies!* {part 1}

1. the little red door: ceramic miniature & unique functional pottery
2. the Peach Tree: classic, gemstone jewelry
fluur: one of a kind scarves
RJ Charms: Charming accessories for your life!
pomlove: tissue paper decor for the home & event
papermode home: beautiful home accessories + decorations
7. michele maule: original paintings, reproduction art + small works on paper
polarity: recycled + sustainable jewelry
alex keller: recycling vintage + resale jewelry into fresh & {new} pieces!
tangente: eco friendly women's fashion and accessories
Chakra Pennywhistle: making something new out of something old
12. karuski: purses & jewelry with a vintage touch
13. Mouse Trap Vintage: Vintage and handmade, fresh from the Trap.
14. Jadite Kate: vintage glassware + more
15. adorn+cherish: rework + recycle + rediscover jewelry
16. crafterall: handmade paperworks


i thought you might like to take a little look today at some of the fabulous folks who are sponsoring the *handmade olymipcs!* - i'm thrilled to have such an amazing group of shops who all enthusiastically signed on to celebrate handmaking!

above you'll find a portion of the over 40 different etsy shops that are EACH OFFERING a $50 gift certificate as a prize in the handmade olympics! .we certainly have something wonderful for everyone!

i thought i'd remind nicies that if you haven't already, there are still a few quick days left to nominate folks for each event (and nominate your own work, too!) - some events ask to nominate items, some ask for shops, some for blogs!

on monday, i'll draw the first prize pack winner - a $50 shopping spree in my own rikrak shop! to enter, all you have to do is nominate someone! yay!

there are over $2000 worth of prizes to be given out all together! yay! so thanks so much to everyone involved. and tune in again soon to see more great sponsors! yay handmade!
click on the links below to enter!

Event 1:
Favorite handmade goodie with an innovative design
Event 2:
Favorite handmade goodie for kids
Event 3:
Favorite handmade eco friendly item
Event 4:
Favorite handmade item that inspires lovelieness + wellness (in our homes, for ourselves, etc.)
Event 5:
Favorite handmade personality/group forwarding kindness through handmaking
Event 6:
Favorite thrifty-forward, sustainable-minded blog, shop or site
Event 7:
Favorite FUN-FILLED handmade OR vintage goodie
Event 8:
Favorite handmaking-focus blog

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  1. Very pretty together. Good luck everyone!

  2. Beautiful. Will definately be checking out these shops. How generous!

  3. thanks so much, k! you make us all look so lovely :)

  4. Wow. That is a great collection, I'll have to check out the shops. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi!!

    I tagged you! If you would like to play along, you can go to my blog and see the rules.


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