Tuesday, January 19, 2010


the periodic table of typefaces by camdon wilde


obsessed with fonts?
me too!

think science is like magic sometimes?
me too!


if you answered yes to the above, i think you might be with me on how very fun this periodic table of fonts is! saw it this morning on the wonderful(+kindred-font-loving) kotori's blog, and heavens, it's my kind of scientificness! {that's a fake word, by the way...}

have a favourite font?
any that drive you bananas?

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  1. My all time favorite font is Georgia, its so classic for writing letters & papers.

    I loathe comic sans (I'm sure many of you wish to poke my eyes out with a pencil right now)

  2. You're not alone, I very much dislike comic sans. My graphic designer teacher in high school hated it, too. Don't know what it is about it.... just yucky.

  3. Oh.My.Goodness. I am a chemist AND a huge font lover (seriously, over 1300 on my laptop), and I absolutely adore this periodic table! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love Love Love.

    The only thing that beats this periodic table is this same periodic table engraves into a moleskine cover...

  5. My favorite font changes but Comic Sans should be annihilated. (It appears I'm not alone in this.)

  6. I love, love, love the simple, artsy look of Futura. I enjoy learning about the creation of new fonts and how influential some can be. Great link, too!

  7. Its awesome!
    They should have tried to follow the actual periodic table though...pet peeve of mine...maybe because I'm a chemist?

  8. LOL!!! Font lovers unite!!
    My favourite font at the moment (don't ask why because I have no idea!) is Calibri. I loathe Times. It angers me. LOL

  9. How fun!! I am a font addict, so I could go on and on about fonts. I love, in no particular order: fusi, stone sans, futura, georgia, bodoni. I completely despise: times new roman, comic sans, and papyrus (only because it is overused). I thin zapfino is a fun font, but it is also used wayyyy too often!

  10. This is so neat! I love finding all different types of fonts- always in search for new ones!
    Thank you for sharing!


  11. Nuetra Text - it comes in like 20 different flavors!
    Feel Script - so many different fun ligatures!


  12. How fun. I'm a huge font fan and love the classics like Gill Sans and Baskerville. I'm so tired of Papyrus (I think it's the new Comic Sans, majorly over- and improperly used).

  13. sharing with a friend right now....the last time we hung out she was late....because she was busy looking at fonts :)


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