Monday, January 18, 2010

the ekphrastic challenge {part one: Brueghel}

The Hunters in the Snow / The Return of the Hunters by Pieter Brueghel the Elder


colour palette inspired by The Hunters in the Snow,
in Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) format


often times in these wintry sorts of days, as the family & i jaunt thru the northern landscape or drive through the snowy countryside, the view will elicit a common "how brueghel-y!" ; a term made-up by art-history-loving mr. rikrak + i that just means: how reminiscent of old master's painter pieter brueghel's work!

where i live in canada, the colours of this painting, seen above, seem to be everywhere for most of the winter.

and while i think these tones have often been described as gloomy, now that i see them all the time, i find them wonderfully familiar + lovely.

and i've come to just love them.
do the colours of a piece of art ever inspire you?

so, here's the challenge for you:

using the idea of ekphrasis , a "graphic or artistic description/representation of a visual work of art."
study the colours of the painting above, and/or the colour palette generated to match it. leave a link here to a handmade item of yours, (or another's) that is inspired by these colours + tones!

in one week, i'll compile the suggestions and post them as 1st our collective *ekphrastic response.*
just keep in mind, i'm looking for handmade works that fit the colour-palette of this piece! thanks!

so show me your *brueghel-y*, nicies!
can't wait to see what you come up with!

and may your day be filled with gorgeous tones!
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  1. This is FUN! Man, I love this blog!!!

    How about my Trees Pillow?

  2. Here is my handmade item that I think fits in pretty well with your color scheme. I have provided a link:

    Thanks, Jodi

  3. oh these are gorgeous!
    thanks, nicies!

    i just saw this on the front page:


  4. hello little miss rikrak! grand idea for a game!

    how about my Forest Moss?

  5. Ooh! So fun! Check out my kelp scarves here:
    I'm a big sucker for all the moody shades of green!

  6. oh what fun!
    How about my Honeydew Jade Necklace?

  7. hi, what a great game!
    My suggestions:



  8. Those colors are so interesting for a winter scene for me. Usually I think of blues and grey for cold weather instead of green. Such an unusual twist! Love!

    Here's my painting:

  9. I had a wonderful time looking through items, searching for the right color combinations. This is what I found:
    Read With Me by Sarah Jane Studios

    Also, here is I knight Thee by Kiki and Polly

  10. Super fun! My zombies definitely fit this scheme:

    As well as this guy:

  11. How neat! I'm so happy to see a fine-art based post on this blog.

    This painting I made features quite a few of those colors; hope you enjoy it.


  12. Wanted to leave a comment although after rummaging through my work alas I could not find anything in a close palette!!

    Most of my work tends to be pink . . . Love this idea though - I am constantly amused by the palettes generated on Big Huge Labs too!


  13. What a fun idea!!!

    What about this case?


  14. whyat a fun idea! how about this necklace?

  15. Hi! i think this little zip clutch w/ handmade flower from my shop fits in pretty well:

    and this photo from my fave list has some nice matching tones:

    how fun! xoxo

  16. I'll admit to being a little nervous about clicking on an "ekphrastic" challenge. But this is fun and beats laundry!

    How about my little tote bag:

    Or my big bag purse:

    Or my friend's jacket:

    Or this cream shampoo:[]=tags&includes[]=title

    OK. I'll quit now. Back to work.

  17. Fabulous idea!

    When I saw the painting, I immediately thought of this necklace

  18. I usually don't work with richly warm colors, but I do have one simple beaded necklace I'd like to share:

  19. oh these are fantastic, nicies!

  20. Ooh, I love this!

    I've got a hand-embroidered piece that fits with those colors:


  21. I think I have two that fits well:

    A green bracelet:

    and a cluster pendant that I created late last year:

  22. i agree with Rikkianne - this IS fun! and Mr. rikrak is very cool :)
    how about

  23. I do so love your blog! I read it all the time :)

    The only one I have that may fit (I think) is this one

    What do you think?

    Here's mine.

    Hope I'm not too late K!(finished it today)

  25. Arrived in the last minute, here is my challenge item:

  26. these are FANTASTIC, superstars!

    the entries are now --> CLOSED! :)
    i'll be making up the results tomorrow + tuesday!

    stay tuned for another challenge soon! yay!

    great work, lovelies!


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