Wednesday, January 6, 2010

slumber party {part 8}: your craziest new year's resolutions over the years


don't you just love a slumber party? comfy pjs, silly movies, telling your friends, old & new, your thoughts & crushes & dreams.... such fun! join us! you can catchup with some of our other slumber party fun here: and for today's party question: what are your silliest, craziest new year's resolutions over the years?

new year's resolution print by bluebicicletta

i love a new year!
the newness and starting fresh.
and i love making plans for trying new things + setting new goals.

but i must admit...
often times the same sorts of ones appear. and sometimes i make some crazy resolutions.

so i thought today we'd share our silliest (in retrospect) resolutions! (don't be shy... we've all made them!)


lay's potato chips screenprint by brittanypowell

in my early 20's i decided one new year's to give up potato chips as a resolution. now ... it was a toughie for me(as i totally loved (or perhaps better said, *was obsessed with* potato chips!).. now we all know that as obsessions go, that's not a great one. right?

so i did pretty well for a little while. i willfully bypassed the chip aisle at the grocery store. said a firm *no* to chips calling me from the vending machines at work! until one day in mid-february when at a little party i took just one. well, let's just say that was the end of it. but in optimistic news, i've come to have slightly more potato-chippy control now! *sigh*
i think i can.
i think i can.


vintage looking chair & damask boxed set of stationery by dawn correspondence

now i adore a hand-written letter. so another year i decided, whole-heartedly, to write a real-mail letter every day to someone. i love writing real-mail letters. so this was a fun one. but by mid-march i began frantically writing ever-so-brief post-cards in bulk just to meet my quota
{i'm recalling

"love you,

as a real low-point in that project!}

i became SUPER stressed about meeting my goal. and let's be honest.. it wasn't fun anymore. so soon i reverted back to trying to write a letter when i could, perhaps not always as frequently as i'd like. and i resolved never to resolve like that again! :) and to this day sitting in a sunny window writing a little handmade note or letter is one of my fave things!

so perhaps what i've learned from these silly examples is that for me, all things in moderation might be a better resolution!
how 'bout you?

i still make resolutions every new year's day, and to be honest, resolutions throughout the year whenever i feel like it! i'm all for resolving newness whenever we need it in our lives, regardless of the calendar! just this morning i resolved to keep my fabric shelves in better order. eek! i'll let you know how that one goes. at least they'll look good today!


okay! so i've confessed!

so there are my choices for my craziest new year's resolutions! now... let's snuggle into our cozy sleeping bags, open another bag of sour cream & onion chips, crank up the cyndi lauper cassette, giggle & whisper and hear yours!

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  1. Ha! I SHOULD do the resolution NOT to eat potato chips!

    I think my silliest one is when i decided to eat carrots everyday in the New Year. I got so sick of them! I didn't turn orange, but luckily, years later now, I can stomach them again.

    What was I thinking?

  2. haha how funny! one year, in high school, i made a resolution to start the "toothbrush diet". every time i thought about eating something outside of a meal or healthy snack, i would brush my teeth instead! that got real hard after about 2 days when i was nowhere near a sink to brush my teeth!!

    **thank you also for showcasing my stationery in your lovely and fun post today!**

  3. Both the carrot and toothbrush diet sound like a page from my own wacky resolutions!!!!

    One year I decided to go on a new date a week until I found Mr. Right. Was it tiring!

    I gave up by March.

    Then Mr. Right came along in April.
    So I guess it worked after all!

  4. Great post! Thanks so much for including my NY Resolution drawing in it! Ah, resolutions. I think my current resolutions is to stop making resolutions---or at least only make them on things that really matter and accept that I will slip up---then they become more like ideas of how I want to live, instead of being strict with myself. Although, I have to admit, at the moment, I feel as if I need to make a resolution similar to your potato chip resolution, except about sweets. So many sweets in our house after the holidays!

  5. Happy New Year, RR!

  6. I love love love cyndi lauper. Thanks for showing my Lay's print.

  7. We just completed my crazy resolution in 2009. Our whole family gave up Pop - Soda - Coke...whatever you call it where you live.....for the whole year. We told the kids (age 10, 8, 5)that if we all did it, we would get them a Wii for Christmas.

    A year later, not one sip of punch at a baby shower, Sprite at a school party or Sangria (soooo sad) we are sore and aching from Wii bowling and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

  8. yay! i just love these... thanks so muchfor sharing!

  9. Mine from last year was pretty wacky -- exercise for an hour each day. Who am I kidding?! Most days I don't have time to exercise for 30 minutes!


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