Monday, February 8, 2010

VOTE: event 6


thanks so much to our wonderful judge for this event, the multi-talented Mary Andrews, whose wonderful work at and in her own beautiful jewelry design shop contrary, inspires us all in our sustainable living.

what our judge had to say about the nominations: "The judging process throughout this event has been a pleasure all week long as I've explored many familiar and new-to-me shops, blogs, and products. I found scores of new favorite Etsy shops, and added several blogs I hadn't come across to my daily blog reader. While narrowing down the nominations was a challenge, my final selections include destinations created and brought to you from people just like you and me who are carving out a difference in the world little by little, one person at a time. Each of the nominees below captured my attention, inspired me as a creative person, and left me wanting more; all qualities I admire. I hope each of you will now enjoy the voting process for these 10 thrifty-forward, sustainably-minded blogs, shops, and sites. I'm looking forward to seeing your final results."


the fancy lamb

the garbologist's wife


wow! what a list!
let's vote for our favourite!

voting rules:
1. you can vote once in each event.
2. voting closes on wed. february 17th at 5pm
3. the top 3-vote getters in each event will be announced on thursday february 18th!

okay... please VOTE!

please be sure to head over to cast your vote in EACH of the 8 events:


:: and THE PRIZES!::
don't forget, there are over $2000 worth of handmaking prizes to be awarded! yay!

this EVENT will award the following prizes!
:: a GOLD prize pack including $150.00 worth of thrifty & sustainable goodness
a $50 gift certificate to chakrapennywhistle
a $50 gift certificate to jadite kate

a $50 gift certificate to funkey monkey company

+ an *i WON* the handmade olympics banner/button image to use on your site/blog/shop

+ an artist/crafter feature on the rikrak studio blog!

:: a SILVER prize pack with $100.00 worth of goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to craftgasm
a $50 gift certificate to lucindas nice things
:: a BRONZE prize pack
of one FREE month of March 2010 advertisting on the rikrak studio blog! yay!

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