Wednesday, February 10, 2010

who was your first heart? {one year later}

oktak's first heart came from Seabreezestudio

was first hearted by new dominion blues

chakra pennywhistle was first hearted by green eyed girls

paisley baby's first heart came from lisabug

dandie was first hearted by don and tinash

fringe was first hearted by RecycleMicol


well it's heart-week all around us in cyberspace, and while the jury may be out on valentine's day (waddaya think: good or bad?) one thing's for certain: if you're an etsy-an, *hearts* have a special place in your own heart!

oh hearts: those little things on etsy that sellers swoon over. that sweet little way to show you just love & adore something someone else has made.

yes a heart, when you *favourite* someone on etsy, is a wonderful little way to spread handmade love! and as my own etsy-versary approaches next week, i thought we'd take a trip down memory lane.

you might recall last year i put a call out to all of you: who was your first heart? who was that first etsy shop or etsy-an that hearted your brand new little shop!?

my own tale was similar to many of yours... after a trepidatious (hmmm.. fake word?) beginning, i finally listed my first item on etsy, 3 months after joining.

gosh, was i nervous!
terrified was i!
and then, like a reassuring little cyberly cheer, someone, someone i didn't know at all, *hearted* my little shop!

fireworks exploded in my little handmaking heart!

and i was smitten!

and oh so thankful!
i'm eternally grateful to my own first hearter: the lovely oh the cuteness, and i thought today i'd feature some of yours! thanks to everyone who responded.

and thanks to all of the hearters out there!
now, 9000+ hearts later, i still remember all of those early early folks who sent a heart my way, and i'm so very very thankful!

they mean so much, somehow, don't they?

first hearts: like first loves, we'll never forget them, will we!

who was your first? :)

(ps: you can find your 1st heart by going to, and searching for your store hearts, then scrolling back to the last page!)

syko was first hearted by rubycrownedkinglette
LilithEvy was first hearted by Exquisite Designs

karma crochet was first hearted by rachelshabit

PhineasandLou was first hearted by thebeadedgoddess

and i was first hearted by oh the cuteness!

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  1. What you wrote is so true. I've been on Etsy more than 3 years and I still remember Recycle Michol hearting me first. I love this post!

    I think it's very cool that the pairs of shops look like they were made for each other the way you put them together. There's something to that, don't you think?

    Thanks for including me, darling dear!


  2. I have never thought of the first heart in these terms. I always love to know how many people have hearted me... first hear was

    Thanks a ton vmilan!

  3. That's a nice way to show your appreciation, RR. ;>

  4. OllieOllie was my first heart, and first sale! Wonderful Etsian, her shop has moved to TheExtentofSilence Such a sweetie!!!

  5. What a wonderful post idea! My first heart in my JanssenDesigns shop was a secret admirer and my first heart in my vintage shop RetroLabs was mycreativeinstincts

  6. So true! It's fun to reminisce. Those little hearts still make my heart go pitter patter. My first heart was Handworks3

  7. BeeDazzlesGifts was my first heart! Bee is the best and we convo almost weekly two years later!

    Those hearts make me happy and boy, I have given several out!!!

    (I have WAY too many favorites!)

    Thanks for the blog entry!

    - ShelleAnne/aka/Rachelle

  8. my first etsy heart was actually my husband. I didn't know that until I searched it. I love hearts.

  9. My very first heart was given to me by my friend Heather at her shop is filled with awesome knitting & knitting themed goodies!

  10. Yay .. I've just had the most fun looking back at my first few hearts! The VERY first heart was from Amy Perrotti ...

  11. What a cute idea!! I remember squealing when I got my first my heart. After mroe than 3 years, I still love seeing new hearts appear.

    My first one was from suchprettycolors:

  12. What a great post! Thank you for choosing my first heart :-)

  13. Thank you for the pub and thank you so much ExquisiteJewelryDesigns to be the first one to love my shop :o)

  14. You always have such fun ideas! I don't know if hearts were around when I first signed up, that or a whole year's worth of hearters are no longer around... hrm.

  15. that is really interesting... my first heart I got... checked and it was Gay from sundaezchild

    I remember the unique feeling, every new heart gives me something similar but not the same


  16. what an awesome post! I love this because its so true. Your first heart puts a smile on your face the whole day and gives you hope of the future of your business:) Mine was from TwoGemsJewelry:)

  17. This is really fun! I love the idea of remembering your first heart. It's true for me that the hearts give you a little boost when they appear. It's like being cheered on to keep going! Thank you for including me :)

  18. That was a fun thing to do...go back 209 pages to August 2006 and find the first person to heart my shop. It's:

  19. We got our first heart from I will always remember the feeling. And I remember that I discovered Toas shop in detail.
    Untill now, every heart feels so good!

  20. i so loved getting those first hearts! still do <3

  21. You are such a sweetie, yet again! I cannot believe it has been a year since that lovely post already. You deserve every heart you get!

  22. I am new to etsy just listed my first item a month ago! Haven't sold anything yet, I keep thinking maybe I should give up that it is costing me too much to make things when they are not selling but those hearts keep me going!


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