Monday, February 8, 2010

VOTE: event 3

thanks so very much for all of your fantastic nominations in the 2010 Handmade Olympics. what a wonderful celebration of handmade!

without further ado, i'm thrilled to present our judges' shortlist for event #3!


thanks so much to our eco-forward judge for this event, the sustainably-saavy Garth Johnson, of extreme craft & the fabulous new eco-friendly book: 1000 ideas for creative reuse!

what our judge had to say about the nominations: "Wow! If 1000 More Ideas for Creative Reuse ever happens, I'll have a great foundation. It was incredibly hard to winnow the list of submissions down to a dozen. This list reflects my own interests. I picked projects that had significant elements of creative reuse--often ones that dictate the function of the object (or comment on it, (like the brilliant moneybag wallets). There are also obsessively crafted objects, like the harlequin chair and cherry blossom wedding dress. I couldn't resist offering up Humboldt the Owl for your consideration, since he's representing for Humboldt County, where I live. I also love objects with a very specific purpose. Not everybody is going to need a wood-carrying tote made out of carpet samples, but everybody should be wowed by its ingenuity. I also love an object that comes with a story. Almost everything that I nominated is dripping with personality and history. I hope that these objects inspire you as much as they did me."


congratulations to the following & please cast your vote for your favourite handmade eco-friendly goodie!



wow! what a list!
let's vote for our favourite!

voting rules:
1. you can vote once in each event.
2. voting closes on wed. february 17th at 5pm
3. the top 3-vote getters in each event will be announced on thursday february 18th!

okay... please VOTE!

please be sure to head over to cast your vote in EACH of the 8 events:


:: and THE PRIZES!::
don't forget, there are over $2000 worth of handmaking prizes to be awarded! yay!
this EVENT will award the following prizes!

:: a GOLD prize pack
including $150.00 worth of handmade goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to alex keller: jewelry recycled
a $50 gift certificate to tangente
a $50 gift certificate to polarity

+ an *i WON* the handmade olympics banner/button image to use on your site/blog/shop
+ an artist/crafter feature on the rikrak studio blog!

:: a SILVER prize pack with $100.00 worth of handmade goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to remaker
a 50% off on one item gift certificate to adorn+cherish

:: a BRONZE prize pack
of one FREE month of March 2010 advertisting on the rikrak studio blog! yay!

best of luck, nicies! yay handmade!

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  1. This is so fun! Thanks for the nomination! Contacting old friends for support has been sweet.


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!