Monday, February 8, 2010

VOTE: event 4

thanks so very much for all of your fantastic nominations in the 2010 Handmade Olympics. what a wonderful celebration of handmade!

without further ado, i'm thrilled to present our judges' shortlist for event #4!

thanks so much to our fabulous judge for this event, the talented + inspiring Vanessa, who among other delights, is Editor in Chief of Etsy's wonderful blog!

what our judge had to say about the nominations: Of course, I was judging with an eye for items that just nailed it —
that were solid, quality items. But I was also looking for items that went above and beyond and had that certain je ne sais quoi. I was eager to find functional items (and I include art as function — I NEED art), but that also had a certain something that delights, that transforms your everyday world into something extra special. These are the type of items that catch your eye and you want to know more about the maker, items that you'd be proud to give as a gift because they'd be thoughtful and just perfect for a friend who has a passion that you admire. You could imagine that friend using the item and thinking of your friendship. I love that.


congratulations to the following & please cast your vote for your favourite handmade item that inspires wellness & loveliness!

Bluejays Notebook by beethings

Crisp, graphic design. Using a handmade notebook at work or for your
journal makes writing a pleasure. I love how the color of the binding
is a surprise.


Wings of Iris Necklace by jewelera

Not only would this delicate, ethereal necklace make you feel like a
fairy princess, but the jeweler tells the most charming story in the
description. I learned a bit of Greek mythology. I want to flit off to
her fairy garden!

Zen Bordeaux - girl and women linen shoes by LaLaShoes

Handmade shoes and slippers are not that easy to find really. These
are cute and functional.

French Milled Vanilla Bean and Rose Petal Soap by UltimateOrganicSoap

Doesn't this simple bar of soap look like a whole other-worldly
experience? I started buying handmade soap when I started working for
Etsy, and I just can't go back. It's one of those little things in
life that makes me happy.

brown eyed susan by ghosthaus

Good lighting: the most underrated element of our day-to-day! This
mysterious and unique item sets its own mood.I Like People Who Smiile in the Rain by heidiburton

I love Heidi's work. Instantly recognizable and always makes me smile
— even in the rain.

Handwoven Superwash Wool Sweater Rag Rug by fiveforty

Recycling old sweaters on a converted upright loom — fiveforty seems
like a cool chick. I love the texture of this piece, and can imagine
how the nubs feel on my toes. Great color choice.

Deer Reversible Apron by hometoroost

I love anything reversible! Such great pattern and lines in this apron
— and great coverage, very practical.

Mama to Be Basket by flyingbirdbotanicals

Many of us have females in our lives undertaking the body and life
transformation of having kids. Much respect. These items smooth out
the edges of a pretty intense deal. (I'm going to buy this for my
friend right now.)

Wompy Red Teapot by magnoliapottery

I'm sitting here with a cold wishing I had a lipstick red teapot for
some hot tea! Plus this potter donates a lot of her proceeds to
charity. So inspiring!

Prompt Deck-Family History-Childhood by barrentree

These are so sweet! A great way to bring your scrapbooking friends and
family closer.

wow! what a list!
let's vote for our favourite!

voting rules:
1. you can vote once in each event.
2. voting closes on wed. february 17th at 5pm
3. the top 3-vote getters in each event will be announced on thursday february 18th!

okay... please VOTE!

please be sure to head over to cast your vote in EACH of the 8 events:


:: and THE PRIZES!::
don't forget, there are over $2000 worth of handmaking prizes to be awarded! yay!
this EVENT will award the following prizes!

:: a GOLD prize pack
including $150.00 worth of handmade goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to crafterall
a $50 gift certificate to karuski
a $50 gift certificate to hazel & harlow

+ an *i WON* the handmade olympics banner/button image to use on your site/blog/shop
+ an artist/crafter feature on the rikrak studio blog!

:: a SILVER prize pack with $100.00 worth of handmade goodness:
a $50 gift certificate to the little red door
a $50 gift certificate to kalla studios

:: a BRONZE prize pack
of one FREE month of March 2010 advertisting on the rikrak studio blog! yay!


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  1. Guess my tea prints weren't lovely enough. :( Good luck to the other entrants.

  2. These were all great entries! It was super hard to choose!

  3. I just voted. These are all wonderful selections!

  4. Nothing like dead insects hanging from your neck... very attractive. Has a whole "Hagar Shipley" feel to it, doesn't it?

  5. Beautiful collection !!!
    Love especially the Wings of Iris Necklace by jewelera.

  6. Thank you, I too find insects very attractive. Anything mother earth gives us really! That's why nature is my biggest inspiration. Here is another insects necklace from me, enjoy;


  7. Thank you to the nature lover 'Anonymous' who gave me inspiration to use more insects in my designs! This earring is featuring wings from 7 different insects!


  8. Just voted! What a FANTASTIC selection!

  9. Congrats to fiveforty - leading when the poll when down! How exciting and deserved!


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