Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the handmade medal haul!

1. open stock supply: papercrafting supplies
2. lucindas nice things: creations and finds!
3. green violet vintage: vintage fun for everyone... specializing in plus size
4. paisley baby: handcrafted bags, pouches and baby accessories
5. theme fragrance: Modern Perfumes for Modern People
6. the empty nest: paint, fabric & fiber
7. Luttrell Studio: sterling silver jewellry
8. Mich Made: modern unique jewelry
9. kalla studios: artisan jewelry in sterling
10. A little bit of pretty: Unique handmade semi precious & bridal jewellry
11. craftgasm: upcycled, reclaimed & sustainable
12. Plushroom Soup: Stewing Strange Softies


well.. here we are!

one day to go until the votes close in the handmade olympics and YOUR FAVOURITE handmakers from around the world are celebrated further! (be sure to vote in each event: many are far too close to call at this point and could use your cheer!!)

just like those *other* olympics happening these days here in canada :), as all eyes turn toward the *competitors* in each event, i'm also drawn to the amazing artisans behind the scenes that have created that beloved *haul* - the prizes!


at the vancouver 2010 olympics, the medalists will take home what i think are quite unique medals this year - each one featuring it's own unique portion of imagery by artist Corrine Hunt & designer Omer Arbel (we went to the mint here in ottawa to see them first hand and it's quite a fascinating story - see the video here on how each medal is it's own piece of art! )

so too are prizes for our lucky lucky top-place finishers in the handmade olympics! ($2000 worth of prizes! good heavens!)

so i thought you'd like one last look at some of the amazing handcrafters & vintage finders that worked behind the scenes making OUR handmade olympics medal haul!

thanks so much, nicies!

here's to handmade artistry.. always the best kind of prize!


1. dot handmade: sterling silver & vintage inspired jewelry
2. Funkey Monkey Company (FMC) : herban beauty
3. june shin: delicate, handmade jewelry
4. Hazel & Harlow: handcrafted jewelry from multiple designers from the US, Canada & Europe
5. Small Grapes fabrics: modern and vintage fabrics shipped worldwide
6. Artisan Clay: Handmade Artisan Clay Jewelry
7. Blueshine Baby: personalized Once Upon a Time watercolour paintings and prints
8. Too Aquarius: polymer clay beads, buttons and gifts by Elaine Robitaille.
9. remaker: upcycling found and recycled objects into funky yet useful everyday items that make life more fun!
10. The Framed Frog: custom nursery artwork, wall letters and other unique home decor
11. Erika Schulze of blomma finds : a design -shopping blog that brings you the best of the web, every day of the week.
12. crow & iris: handmade treasures

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  1. What an amazing post!!!! Your Olympics are JUST as exciting as the Canadian ones on TV...Can't wit for the results K!

  2. Can't wait to see who wins! Great prizes.

  3. Can't wait to see the results!!
    I have just awarded you the sunshine blog award :)
    for more details see my blog http://arkdesignsbyanna.blogspot.com x

  4. Love Handmade Olympics. Thanks so much for the feature.



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