Thursday, February 4, 2010

collections: with slinkymalinkicat

there is something that i just adore about vintage, hand coloured engravings & prints: the artistry of the daily; the beauty of all around us. so imagine the delight of visiting an ever-changing collection of them in slinkymalinkicat's lovely shop. aren't they just beautiful?

beyond that collection, i also love her great personal collection: of ice fishing decoys. i had no idea there was such creative beauty in ice-fishing tools. the artistry of daily, indeed!


who (are you): Kim (slinkymalinkicat)
what (are you collecting): ice fishing decoys
when (did you start): Approx. 3 years ago
how (many do you have?): 40
where (do you find them): the internet
where (do you keep them): where there is space, in between my husband's collection of fossils
what (is a crazy/interesting story behind one): I think there is probably an interesting story behind most of them, something I often think about
what (piece would you like to add): a decoy by Oscar Peterson
why (do you love them): they have been lovingly handmade, have a history behind them and I think they are beautiful
which (one is your favourite) and why: the Union Jack decoy, a present to my husband, I had it custom made by David Perkins ( ) who is actually renowned for his 'stars and stripes' decoys
what (else do you collect): antique natural history prints and handmade pottery

thanks so much, kim.
and happy finding the lovely in everyday, nicies!

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  1. Wow, those are beautiful! Who knew? It is kind of nice to have one really random thing in life you want. I'm not a collector really...but sometimes wish I had a special secret passion :)

  2. Those are so gorgeous! What a great collection and I love her shop, too.

  3. I think, I start collecting fish as well. Saw such amazing crafted fishs lately...
    and the feature is great as well!

  4. It's a real pleasure to see my fish included in your lovely collections series!

    Thank you. :)

  5. What a fabulous feature! Those ice fishing decoys are stunningly beautiful ... and so are Kim's vintage prints!
    :) Mollie

  6. Fab collection! I love all these shops that you find.

    I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog today. You can come check it out here:

  7. Wonderful to see slinkymalinkicat/Kim, here in this delightful feature! Great and colorful fish collection..and her prints are cool, too!

  8. this is amazing - so small and simple things can give so much joy..

  9. Love this collection! They're gorgeous.

  10. Awesome Feature...Kim Rocks! What a fabulous idea to showcase little known facts about sellers, and what they like to collect is intriguing and unique...absolutely LOVE this!! Great Blog!
    :) Kristin

    (And I thought I knew Kim...but I didn't, not about the gorgeous ice fishing lures anyways!)

  11. What a fantastic thing to collect! I'm trying to remember what my father's looked like growing up but my memories are clouded by frozen toes and hot chocolate ;)

    These are SO fantastic, Kim!


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