Monday, February 1, 2010

congrats and an update!

wow + wow + wow!
i am delightfully overwhelmed by the amazing
array of talent nominated in the 2010 handmade olympics!

the nominations closed last night, and as i prep the lists for the judges in each category - i am just amazed at all of the brilliant work and shops and blogs suggested in each event! WOW!

i've found pages of new faves and new-to-me designers, shops and blog! thanks so much for that!

it sure will be CRAZY difficult for those judges! but i know they can do it!

thanks so much to all of you who nominated work by yourself and others, those who spread the word twittering and blogging and facebooking and emailing your crafty pals! i'm delighted to say that we had well over 1000 entries and what entries they are!

so... to get us up to date:
--> nominations for the handmade olympics are now closed.

--> next monday (feb.8th) i will reveal the judges' shortlists in each category, at which time VOTING will begin on your faves! yay! can't wait to see those shortlists!

but before we get to that next week, and all of THOSE amazing prizes, first we need to celebrate all the nominees!
so as promised, a fan prize goes out today to one of the entries.

thanks to, entry #512 is our fan prize winner... YUMMY & Company shop! just love their lovely jewelry work! beautiful stuff - yummy & company, you've won yourself a $50 shopping spree in my own little shop: rikrak! yay! so thanks to everyone for playing!

come back later today for the newest round of the ekphrastic art challenge here on the blog! yay! (the first one was such a brilliant success!)

..... and be sure to tune in next monday for the judges' short list reveals! fabulous work, nicies! yay handmade!
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  1. I love her work. Congratulations to everyone. Looking forward to seeing the shortlists next week!

  2. congratulations to 'yummy & company' ! I'm looking forward to seeing the shortlists too, exciting!

  3. can't wait to see the top-10s!! That must have been a whole lot of work to get the nominations pared down....kudos to you and the panel!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the short lists. You have a lot of work ahead of you. Good luck! :)

  5. yay!
    it's so heartwarming to see your enthusiastic cheers, nicies!

    much appreciated!

    i can't wait to see those shortlists either!! the suspense is driving me delightfully crazy!


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