Monday, February 15, 2010

family day

happy family day, to to you, lovelies.
we've roadtripped home after a lovely weekend away visiting family, for a long weekend known in our province as Family Day.

it's a great reason for a holiday, wouldn't you agree?
great tunes as our wintry roadtrip playlist. yummy treats on our in-car menu.
and giggly games as we drove and drove.

gosh, i love a roadtrip.
yay family!
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  1. Road trips can be fun if done properly. Glad you enjoyed your family day!

  2. Roadtrips are so much fun! We are heading home (to Ottawa!!!!) this summer to visit our families and I can't wait!

  3. Happy Family Day to you too. I think I like your holiday better than ours today (President's Day - kinda boring right?)

  4. Happy family day! I love the Winter print.

  5. Road trips are one of my favorite things!
    We also always pack a yummy lunch (better than the fast food stops)& make sure to include a few little treats!
    I also really enjoy all the talking my hubby & I do while driving!

  6. I love road trips. Great pic!

  7. That IS the best excuse for a holiday! Have fun!


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