Wednesday, June 24, 2009


as school wraps up for little rikrak tomorrow, we're happily wrapping up little homemade gifts for his lovely teacher, and i'm feeling so thankful for the amazing teachers out there.

lots of teacherly folks in my life. my mom's a teacher.
cute hubby is a teacher.
& once upon a time, i used to be an elementary school teacher, and an ESL teacher abroad before that. i'm so thankful for my wonderful new career path of handmaking, but i think i will always feel that teaching is one of the MOST important jobs in the world, right up there with parenting!

i've been so lucky to have had so many great teachers over the years myself. amazing folks who thru patience, their loving & kind ways, and encouragement helped me to learn more about myself, the world, & how to be a better person. when i've had a not-so-great -for -me teacher, it can be a tough haul, can't it? but when i've had a great-for-me teacher... WOW! it's magic!

my parents were (and are) my greatest teachers, for sure! and in school, i think fondly of mrs. d & mr. b , who encouraged me to find my own path, and helped me to have even more confidence in my own creative thoughts, and to believe in myself, on so many levels. in university, to dr. h. , who became a dear friend, and taught me to use "i" statements in all i do, and to try and see the world thru another's eyes. this revolutionized my thinking, and i tried my best, in my own ways, to use all of these teachers' wisdom in my own teaching, and now parenting. it's hard work, isn't it? but thanks to these and other teachers, i'm learning! :)

so thank you, teachers! it's an amazing thing you do!

who are teachers that have made a difference in your life?
tell us about them.
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  1. I love how appreciative you always are, RR! It's inspiring.

    You must have been such a FUN elementary school teacher!!!!!!

    My favourite was Mrs. Henry. I had her in grade 5. She very much stood behind me and taught me to think for myself. I think my confidence shot up that year.

    I agree with you - teachers are a fabulous bunch!

  2. I don't remember any favorite teachers, but I do remember the vice-principal of my high school. I was a freshman and my Dad had just died. The teachers seemed totally oblivious to what was happening in my life, but Mr. Berry understood what I was going through and truly made an effort to be there for me. Thank you Mr. Berry.

  3. those are both wonderful tales, leslie & peggy!
    thanks for sharing!
    peggy: what a great vp he was! so wonderful!

  4. I so agree...teachers in this World are doing a marvelous job and should be thanked more.
    Other than my parents being mine, I think my elementary teacher was my greatest...and will post about her later.
    Great post...

  5. this explains to me why oh why you, Miss.RR, are such a starlette in all you do. You communicate so well and share your joy of life in all you do. Mommying is just as important too-and it shows! XO!

    I've had some bad teachers and some great ones. My best story is that my FAVE art teacher Mr.D and my fave spanish teacher met & fell in love during my grade 12 year. They now have 2 children and are still as happy as ever. SWEET! XOXO to all teachers who care. :)

  6. After volunteering in my children's classrooms, I developed a new appreciation for the work that teachers do. It is one tough job, and I am so thankful for the dedicated people who take this as their calling!

  7. Many of those who teach us have no idea how they have impacted our lives. And many of us had no idea of the impact until we'd lost touch and could no longer thank them. :)

    And a special shout out to the TA's who provide priceless support.

    And thanks for choosing one of my patterns to accompany your great post!!

  8. oh i love hearing these!
    weblog: looking forward to it!
    tanis: i LOVE that matchmaking teacherly tale!!! woohoo!
    prairie & enna: so true! so nice of you both to say! i agree!


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