Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the rikrak slumber party { part 2 } : top 3 things you wanted to be when you were very young


don't you just love a slumber party? comfy pjs, silly movies, telling your friends, old & new, your thoughts & crushes & dreams.... such fun! so i thought i'd invite you to a new series on the rikrak studio blog... the rikrak slumber party. last time, we talked *secret tv crushes!* .... so come on over... here's the next question :: the top 3 things you wanted to be when you were very young ::

the lovelies @ fawn & forest asked me this question a little bit ago, and i just love hearing nicies answers to it! while i think my hubby's answer might be the funniest i've ever heard (he REALLY wanted to be a train when he was little. yes. a train. ) .... they're often pretty fun, aren't they?

so my top 3 things i wanted to be when i was little are:

1. an old-school telephone switchboard operator
from the early 1900's. all of those cool cords and switches. getting to talk on the phone all day seemed like a dream job! *sigh* it just looked like so much fun! i was pretty crushed when i found out that technology had become obsolete. alas...

2. the prime minister of canada.
i wanted to be this one for a very long time. i did end up moving to ottawa, so that's pretty close.

3. a spy.
in my mind, a spy hid behind corners, wore fun ball gowns all of the time and went to fancy galas and the like. what a life! ahhhh... spying...

so there's my top 3.
let's snuggle into our cozy sleeping bags, open another bag of sour cream & onion chips,
turn on some cyndi lauper, giggle & whisper and hear yours!

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  1. Ooooh I wanted to be just like Nancy Drew when I was little, too!

    I also very much thought I would become a Vet and then a Nurse. I did become a Vet, so I guess those little kid dreams can come true!

  2. Oh! Very fun.
    I wanted to be:
    1) Daisy Duke (not the Jessica Simpson one!). I loved that she could kick butt and look good doing it. I also wanted to marry Bo Duke, but I know now that it is of course wrong to want to marry your cousins! ;)
    2) A zoo-keeper. I have always loved animals and wanted to surround myself with their fuzzy sweetness. The business with all that poop never occurred to me.
    3) A queen of Narnia. We had a forest across the road, and I used to glance quickly over my shoulder in hopes of seeing Aslan. Or I would sit in my closet and, knowing that if you want to find Narnia, you must never want to find it, I would lean casually back against the wall behind the coats, as one who hangs out in a closet would, secretly wishing that I would fall backwards against a snowy tree instead of thumping up against boring old drywall.

  3. I loved Nancy Drew, too! And Daisy Duke! But I really thought that I would be a ballerina, for a while. Then I think it was an Olympic ice skater. Or maybe that was after being a famous rock star, like Cher! tee hee

  4. I had visions of having a tv show where I read books to kids. I also wanted to be a hockey player.

    Fun post, rr!

  5. I wanted to be a veterinarian b/c I was a HUGE animal lover...still love animals but I currently have no pets. I worked a while at an ER Vet Hospital but it was just too overwhelming...we had a lot of dying animals that couldn't be saved.

    I also wanted to be an archeologist...something fascinating about digging in dirt for dinosaur bones!!

    Being an artist of some kind was also one of my choices. It's probably the closest to what I am now. I sew boutique baby stuff and girls clothing and I LOVE photography and am starting a new photography business.

  6. 1)A Mom--with lots of kids,just like my Mom.
    2)Nancy Drew--minus all my kids
    3)Artist--with kids

  7. Oh, this is fun! Love that T shirt, by the way.

    I wanted to be:

    1. the lady who was working in the ice cream shop with those magical spoons (now I know they called scoops), you know, what they use to make those cute ittle ice cream balls, dip it, click it, ready! yummie...

    2. later I wanted to be a lawyer... yes, I know. But my favorite uncle was a lawyer and he was so cool! :)

    3. and an archeologist. My dad is a history teacher, I was a kid in the 80s, you know, Indiana Jones and stuff, so there was some influence, I guess :)

  8. Looks like we all read the same books! Nancy Drew wins..hands down! Yes, I too had fantasies of sluething.

  9. Fun idea!
    I very much wanted to be
    1) a Cat! :}
    2) Gidget (it was a great show with Sally Fields)
    3) a Librarian

    I ended up working in Sales! Close!

  10. 1. One of Charlie's Angels (preferrably a blond one).

    2. A bank teller. I was fascinated with all the stamps and buttons they got to play with.

    3. A shop keeper. (So many buttons on a cash register.)

  11. I like this one, very fun.
    I wanted to be:
    1) a private detective, like Agatha Christie, Sabrina Duncan, or uhm, Columbo! I guess that's on the same lines as spy/Nancy Drew but for some reason I never had a Nancy Drew faze.
    2) a cartoonist. I really wanted to draw and make people laugh.
    3) an interior decorator. that always sounded like such a glamourous profession, like Doris Day in Pillow Talk!
    (Oh yeah, and I'm with Marnie about Gidget. I so wanted to be her too.)

  12. This whole post makes me grin. =D

    I may be a little stereotypical here when I say the first thing I wanted to be was an Astronaut. I was seriously WAY into NASA. (But I didn't like math, so haha)

    Secondly - Figure skater. Dancing on ice in foofy outfits? Oh yeah.

    Thirdly - Wonder Woman. Of course. Though in pinch, Cat Woman would do. Obviously I wasn't very particular about my loyalties.

  13. 1. A Teacher. I played school all the time as a kid!
    2. An author.
    3. An FBI Agent.

  14. A teacher ... I knew it my heart it was what I was meant to be. Then I babysat a 'challenging' child in my last year of high school and changed my mind. I became a secretary instead.

    BUT ... I did start teaching craft/painting classes about 8 years ago, and I was right ... teaching is my 'thing' :)

  15. for a very brief spell i wanted to be a quantum physicist until i discovered how many maths are involved. .. i'm terrible at maths, though i find them fascinating.

    too, i wanted to be a chanteuse-turned-spy, like Mata Hari!

    usually, though, i always imagined myself as an artist of some sort, which is what i ended up with. over the years i've worked as a gallery artist, muralist, crafter, purveyor of vintage kitsch, an opera performer, a jazz singer, a children's face-painter, a designer of theatre stage props . . . .i've even sold paper flowers in the subway :D


  16. Oh! I love this one:)

    I wanted to be a

    1. Solid Gold Dancer
    2. Shark Biologist
    3. Parker Posey ;)

  17. I wanted to be

    1. an archeologist

    2. An Artist

    3 A paleontologist

  18. i only wanted to be one thing when i was a kid: an attorney. specifically, a prosecutor. only then i used to say i wanted to be a "prostituting attorney."

    live and learn. : )

  19. Cool blog!

    1. I wanted to be an artist. (done)
    2. I wanted to be my art teacher (done, she retired and now I have her job).
    3. I wanted to be Heather Locklear on Melrose Place and have a huge corporate office and tons of cute guys after me....

  20. Ever since I can remember, and I don't really know what started my obsession with it - but I wanted to be a criminal justice lawyer in NYC. I wanted to put the bad guys away.

    Coupled with that, I also wanted to do crime scene investigation. I found it intriguing looking for clues an putting together the pieces of a crime scene together to solve the puzzle. And then put the bad guys away.

    But somewhere along the line, between college apps, and actually getting to college, I changed my major to theatre arts with a music minor. I loved being on stage - and was horrible at public speaking - but in theatre, I didn't have to be "me" - and I could act like anything and anyone I wanted - there was a freedom about that.

    After college, I took a job in construction (no idea how or why I ended up in this field) but turns out I have the personality for it. It's definitely not my dream job, and luckily, not my primary job.

    My primary job now is jewelry designer and wife - and I couldn't be happier that it turned out that way. :)

  21. Such a fun post!

    I wanted to be:
    a) a dolphin trainer in Canada -- not so bright there Cheryl as there aren't many dolphins to train here!

    b) the host of The Price Is Right -- just so I could practice spinning the wheel and be the only one who knows the secret on how to land on 1.00. That and perfecting the Plinko game.

    c) a teacher -- in case the first two options didn't happen

    Fast forward to now and I am now a web consultant and fabric store owner. Funny how things work out in the end... although I still hope to become a dolphin trainer -- maybe somewhere warm? ;)

  22. I always wanted to be a nurse and wear the white starched cap with the red cross symbol on the front of it! LOL. And you know what I became a nurse :) I changed my choice a couple of times before high school but in the end stuck with my original dream :)

  23. cool question! fun to think about... i wanted to be a 'cowgirl', but only so i could be in charge of the baby chicks. this may have been fueled by my love of all things little house on the prairie, i suspect. i still have a thing for baby chicks (who doesn't?!)& in fact, i still harbor a faint hope that one day i WILL have a little spot outside the city, baby chicks and all.

    and a teacher, so i could write on the chalkboard and have a desk. and be bossy, i suspect.

    this has turned revealing and may make me seem like a total weirdo.
    gotta go!


  24. Speaking concerning childish aspirations, as for me, When i was younger (let me say between 7 to 13 yrs of age) i always dreamed of being a doctor, but when i knew what it takes to be a doctor i had to switch course to Chemical Engineering. Most times, childish aspires never come to pass.


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