Monday, June 1, 2009

proud family moments!

happy monday, lovelies!
hope you had a wonderful weekend.

we celebrated two very special occassions this weekend.
i had the fabulous experience of being doubly proud of my wonderful family.

it was my wonderful mom's annual piano recital. she is an amazing & fabulous musician and teacher, and every year her many students join together to share their wonderful talents! it's always such a joy to see the children of all ages doing their very best and performing songs they've worked to hard at! my mom's one of those superfun, interactive teachers that encourages each of her students to achieve their very best by sharing her own genuine love of the joy of music, in fun and interactive ways. her students LOVE taking piano lessons (imagine!) and i'm so proud of her.

this was an extra special concert. it's my mom's 40th year since she started teaching piano lessons. so as a little surprise, my siblings and i invited back a handful of some of her 100s of students from over the years. it was such a joy for us to see what an amazing impact she has made in the lives of so many students, and their touching musical tributes to the fabulous woman she is. they talked of how her rare kindness and friendliness and loving nature encouraged them in their diverse musical interests and careers, and as part of her family, i was so proud of her.

it was also a special night for another wonderful reason.
it was little rikrak's 1st musical recital.

gosh - i've gotta admit, was i ever nervous! :) (ever a nervous parent?!)
i knew he'd do wonderfully, and he did! he did his very best and i'm so proud of him!
he played "the Tennessee Waltz" , a family favourite, and i entered a new world of mommying.... seeing our little sweetie up on stage, so proud of his own success and hard work! and he was so proud of his grandma. it was a wonderful thing!

i'm a lucky daughter & mommy indeed!
hope you had a great weekend!

have some proud family moments you'd like to share?
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  1. That's a great tribute to your Mother! I imagine she was so proud to have her grandson there playing. I love the Tennessee Waltz as well!!

  2. Sounds like such a wonderful evening! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful weekend! :D

  3. That's one special event. I still remember piano recitals — anxiety, excitement, and then beaming while bowing. Huge kudos to your Mum for helping create memories for so many people, and for adding so much to their lives. And congrats to little rr — I'm sure he rocked the joint ;)

  4. That is such a sweet story, RR!


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