Thursday, June 25, 2009

the real life transformers

transformer screenprinted necktie by toybreaker

well well well.

here we are.
the last day of school for the little ones in ontario.
tomorrow it's sum-sum-summertime!

because the ads are EVERYWHERE, i know there is this mega-crazy franchise in hollywood called the transformers. i've never seen (and never will! it looks so scary & violent!! eek! is that really supposed to be a so-called "kids" movie?! heavens!) the movies, but because i was a kid in the 80's, i remember the basic idea: changing, morphing things; transforming into something else!

while i hope that we're not all "robots in disguise," (i guess you never know?! :) i can say i relate to this feeling, in abundance, of transformerly change of late. for me, there's this swell of talk in the cyberworld, at the park, in the grocery stores, about summer coming (it's here!) and the way so many of us, as adults, or children, morph into something else, especially this time of year. the real life transformers.

the transforming is varied: for folks with school-aged kids, the transition brings kids home all day, or off to camps, or perhaps a juggle in routines. maybe it brings college-aged folks home for a few months, or brings you yourself to a new home! maybe a change of pace at work. i've read many a great blog post this past week about finding balance in transitioning these days. it can be tough, whatever the season of transforming, can't it?

as a mommy who has a child in school for a couple of hours each afternoon, today is my last day with that little afternoon time to rikrakwork. our schedules change tomorrow, and while i know change can be a challenge sometimes, i'm really excited about the possibilities of a focal shift for 2 months. rikraking moves primarily to the night-shift. things move around a bit.

i know we all go thru this, at different times in our lives. transitioning, transforming, and though it can be a challenge, i think it's an amazing and adaptable spirit we all have.

so here's to the transformers we all are!
amazing and adaptable. for all the roles we all fill, day or night, here's a little cheer for you
- you can do it!

wishing you all balance and wellness and fun, whenever transitions come your way.
tell us about transitions going on these days in your own life,
and we'll keep you in our thoughts, nicies!
to the real transformers! hear hear!
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  1. cheers to the night shift - i'm a stay up late kind of mommy, too!

  2. You're funny, Rikrak!
    Hope your change of pace goes well. Keep your fingers croseed for us here!
    And while I agree the real movie is too scary for little kids, I'm guilty of LOVING it as an adult! :) (DON'T TELL!!!!! LOL!!!!)

  3. Very clever! I'm a transformers fan too. (And yes it's too violent for little kids. Though the *original* cartoon series is pretty safe for my kidlets. We've got season 1 here.)

    The tie really brought me in to see the article. (Always keeping an eye out for hubby.)

    The transformation I'm going through of late is still trying to adjust to having kids home and managing my little Etsy store. We're getting to the pool when ever there's a good hot day. (Not too many so far - but today, yes!) It's been making me look at what's really important in both home life and my little business. There's only 24 hrs in a day. What can I get done that will make the most impact?

  4. RR: How true!
    Thanks for the cheering - I need it already and we're only on day 4 of Summer break here!
    Thanks for always putting a smile on my face!

  5. GREAT POST! i totally agree, seems like right when i figure out a good schedule with my 3 little boys, they enter a new phase & everything changes (UGH!)...but i wouldn't trade it for the world!

    funny thing about the "real" transformers; the other day when we were driving my son asked me: "what are those white boxes on the telephone poles", i replied: "oh, those are transformers". i looked in the rearview mirror to see the most puzzled look on his face & i quickly realized he was probably thinking of the characters & toys from the cartoon series. so i quickly had to explain!


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