Thursday, June 11, 2009

playlists: with jesse danger

i just love a great playlist. i think it stems back to those glorious mixed tapes days where i'd either make, sometimes receive and always always covet a fabulous collection of tunes by various great artists! *bliss!* ... so i've asked some wonderful artists if they'd make up a little playlist on a theme for this new rikrak studio series. i thought we might get a glimpse into what musically inspires these fabulous folks... i'm thrilled to present the next in the series. today it's playlists: with jesse danger: songs for a rainy thursday.


mix tape in ash gray by uncommon


dj: jesse danger
theme: songs for a rainy thursday

Radiohead- Video Tape
Modest mouse - Gravity rides everything
Sigur Ros - ny batteri
Decemberists - eli the barrow boy
Arcade Fire - my body is a cage
Fiest - my moon my man
Godspeed you black emperor - dead flag blues
Explosions in the sky - your hand in mine
Dead Confederate - the Rat
Failure - another Space song
Notwist - this room
Radiohead - ideoteque


"I'm really into dramatic and dynamic songs, a lot of music that's considered post-rock, or instrumental rock. I don't listen to music while I'm working for the most part. I've always lived aways away from where I work and do a lot of driving and that's where I listen most the time, or sometimes when I'm at the computer. I enjoy so many types of music, but these listed are some of my favorites for a rainy Thursday." - Jesse


thanks so much, jesse. great songs for the rainy thursdays so many of us are swimming thru today. i just adore jesse's amazing ecometalsmithing. such beautiful lines, such gorgeous shapes, and so very wonderfully eco-forward, working with recycled gold, silver & platinum. hope you enjoy a delightful escape into his lovely, lovely shop.

have a great rainy thursday, lovelies!
& tune in tomorrow for a fabulous new giveaway from another gorgeous shop.

* nicies: tell us what song would have to be on YOUR playlist for a rainy thursday & i'll try to include
as many as i can in the followup post! * stay dry!

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  1. I see we have the same taste in rainy day music, Jesse! Beautiful work & those are great tunes. My rainy day song would have to be, kind of cliched, the mournful "Rainy days & Mondays" by the Carpenters! I love that song.

  2. Right now I am really digging Ain't No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant. I think it would be great for a rainy day

  3. definitely an ENYA kinda morning over here...the kids start to drive me CRAZY so i turn on my ENYA pandora station and light the candles! my husband knows full well the kind of day i am having when i bust out the ENYA!!!!


  4. My fave for a rainy day would be Cat Stevens "The Wind". I think I remember you liking that one as well, RR!? It puts me at ease!!!

  5. I love it! Seems you like the same sort of music that I do! You do have a few new ones I've never heard before so doing that now! Thanks for the list!

  6. well... for once it isn't raining here! hrm... my thursday rainy day song? anything by belle & sebastian! Let's say "Roy Walker", from the album Dear Catastrophe waitress.

  7. These Days by St. Vincent... one among 100 but her voice is enchanting. Cloudy but no rain here in the Pacific Northwest. :)

  8. oh these are great rainy day tunes, nicies! woohoo!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!