Monday, June 22, 2009

team canada road trip: look what you can win!

happy monday, superstars! hope you had a great weekend!

have i ever got something superfun to tell you about! what a great monday this is going to be!

you know how i just adore a roadtrip!
love it!
well... one of my favourite handmade teams i'm so fortunate to be part of is the cross-Canada sensation, the TransCanada Etsy Team. for the next few days, we invite you to join us for our road trip celebration for Canada Day to learn a bit about our country, stop in and visit our amazing artisans, and take advantage of some great specials.

and what road trip would be complete without some souvenirs? and woowee... what amazing souvenirs they are!!! we've got two amazing prizes to giveaway to participating buyers!

PRIZE #1. a truly fabulous goodie bag (seen above & below) valued at over $350 US, featuring a wealth of handmade delights from across the country!

and then... Prize #2. a gorgeous t-shirt rug designed and woven by the amazing Pegg of Five Forty from repurposed t-shirts donated by team members from all across the country. isn't it gorgeous???

there are 20 amazing shops participating (including rikrak! :) ... for each $10 US you spend in any of these shops during the promotion, you'll get one e-ballot in the raffle for our two amazing prizes! (winners to be announced july 2nd). you can also get one ballot without purchase by writing a short essay describing your favourite Canadian thing (place, person, food, book, band, artist, etc). find out more here on our the team blog.

here are the participating shops!

PLUS: by using the promo code "road trip" in your purchase message with any of these shops, you'll also get one extra bonus e-ballot, too! woohoo!

so... check out the team blog, or my rikrak top of shop for more details!

and tune in on the team blog each & every day for fabulous features on each of the amazing artists participating as we road trip our way across this fabulous nation!

& hey... folks worldwide are eligible to win! woohoo!
so happy roadtrippin', lovelies!
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  1. Wow! That's a great prize pack. I'm going to visit the shops.

  2. Going to visit the shops now...thanks for posting!

  3. That rug is a-maz-ing! What a lovely group to be a part of, I will have to go check out the shops as well!

  4. you are one busy lady, k!
    glad to be back from vacation -
    can't wait for our fun giveaway to start :)

  5. SPLENDID! Makes me proud to be a canadian!! Way to go team !!!

  6. That's awesome give away Rikrak~

  7. I'm sorry that I can't purchase right now, but I'd like to enter the contest.

    My favourite place in Canada is the village where I live - Tatamagouche Nova Scotia, population 700.

    In rural NS (that's just about everywhere outside Halifax & Sydney), communities have to be self-sustaining & Tata is working miracles.

    We have Sunday evening movies, our own theatre group, a fantastic volunteer fire department, a jewel of a small hospital, an art gallery, a book store, a flower shop, a pharmacy whose employess voted "employer of the year", a grocery store (of course), a butcher shop, a library (& a new one coming next year), post office, bank, insurance agent, dentist, great doctors, heritage groups, the old Creamery - made over into a heritage centre, a farmers' market, an Inn that houses & feeds its guests in gorgeously renovated train cars, and MORE.

    The spirit here is one of "we can do anything" - and we do.

    Thanks for letting me brag a bit. I'd really love to win that rug.!


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