Friday, June 19, 2009

happy fathering day!

happy fathering day, nicies.
happy father's day to all of the wonderful daddys & grandpas & uncles & brothers & teachers & mentors & volunteers who help lovingly *father* the wee ones of our world. you're fantastic!

i'm so lucky.
i had a wonderful dad, who was all things loving & supportive & inspiring.
and while i miss him very very much, especially near father's day, i'm so thankful to have had such a great dad in my life.

and i'm so lucky now.
to have such a fabulous, loving, glorious partner in mr. rikrak, who, i think, is just an amazing & fantastic daddy to little rikrak. i so admire how he spends every moment he can playing with and teaching & learning with little rikrak. i love seeing him as the fabulous father he is. we're a lucky little family!

i've said this before, around mothers day, and i'd like to say it again. i certainly agree with the idea that *it takes a village* to raise a child. and i'm so thankful to all of the amazing men that create a community of love for my own child & children everywhere.

so happy fathering day to all of the wonderful men out there who provide love & support & encouragement to children everywhere, in so many ways.
thank you.
have a great weekend, nicies!
see you monday!
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  1. I feel lucky, as well, Rikrak. I have a loving dad & a husband who is a loving father to our children. Thinking of you on Father's Day. Your Dad would be very proud of you!

  2. Men, the little darlings. :)

    I am a lucky girl too. I hope your weekend is joyous, nicey!


  3. Happy Father's Day to Mr. RikRak, too!

    I feel the same way about my own husband. He's such a great Daddyl

  4. Really nice post...I have given you the One Lovely Blog Award on my blog!


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