Wednesday, June 17, 2009

handmaking with kids: homemade father's day ideas!

fun date with dad handmade tickets project

for me, there is nothing as fun as making something with kiddies! the curious, creative, limitless possibilities of a child's mind is so inspiring! here's a fun new series for the rikrak studio, with lots of fun, easy, inexpensive handmaking projects for you to make with your children, your younger family members, your students or some fun kiddies you know & love (or easily adapted for adults to make as their own fun projects!) i've invited various fun folks to share a handmaking with kiddies idea with us. it might be a craft or art; a handmade excursion or handmade recipe. today is the next... a roundup of fun diy father's day gift ideas from around the blogosphere! enjoy!

father's day is coming up this weekend & so here's a roundup of some fun DIY handmade father's day gift ideas that you and your little sweetie(s) can make for dad! please add your own links below to fun projects you might be making for dad!

make your own family silhouettes project

fun projects to make with the kids:

  • how about duct tape wallet for dad (watch a how-to video here) from
diy stenciled tshirts project

magnet bookmarks


superdad cake pop project

in the kitchen or backyard:

so there are a few fun ideas for you!
happy handmaking for father's day!
and yay to all of the handmade-loving, crafty-forward dads out there!
you're great!

thanks so much to everyone who has been taking my little survey: the feedback is so fascinating & helpful! thanks thanks thanks! if you have a moment, please come by and answer the questions! thanks

and... tonight i'll post the winner of yesterday's guessing game: there's still time to get your guesses in (the prize is a a little mini-feature on the blog for you (& your handmade shop, if you have one!)

and finally... still 2 more days to enter the fabulous bayanhippo summer tote bag giveaway, on now, here on my blog! see here for all of the details.

thanks, sweeties! see you tonight for the guessing game winner(s)!

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  1. Thanks for gathering these for us, RR! I forgot about your great stenciled tshirt idea! We're totally going to try that out. Happy Father's Day to Mr. RR!

  2. I love all of these ideas, so great to get kids involved in making something special for Dads.

  3. Great ideas! We might just try those fun silhoettes. I think the mister would love them!!! (AND I would too!)

  4. I lOVE the bowtie wrap idea!!

  5. I am not making anything for my grandfather for Father's Day, but I did buy vintage! I found a seventies book on IDing the freshwater fish of upstate New York and an antique book about the Adirondacks. Since his weekend house is in the southern Adrondacks (where there were many fishing trips taken by the two of us), I thought it would be more appropriate than anything tie-related (since he's never had to wear one and is now retired). :)

    Now I just have to make it to the post office... ;)

  6. LOVE these ideas:) Cant wait to pick a couple:)

  7. i usually make my husband a paper bag albums all done up with pictures of the kiddos. i think those are his favortie gifts!

  8. super! hope you'll enjoy them! and thanks for sharing your own handmaking ideas! happy father's day to all the dads in your lives!

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