Monday, June 8, 2009

the handmade prom: 4 styles

the reddest dress: signed digital print by MichelleBrusegaard


i don't know about you... but when i was a teenager i was prom crazy! the fun of dressing up in fun dresses, dancing the night away with dear friends and the celebration of the end of an academic era was a thrilling idea!

'tis the season again soon.
i see our neighbourhood teenage friends talking prom.
i see fun DIY prom ideas across the internet.
and i'm so proud of the young handmade movement for incorporating handmaking into their prom festivities! so here's to the iconic event: the prom! and here are 4 handmade styles to cheer on!


prom style #1

pretty little things earrings by nancywallisdesigns

1950’s vintage tulle dress via TimelessVixenVintage

spring bouquet ring by cookoorikoo

white tulip flame heels via Persephone vintage


prom style #2

linen handmade vintage style scarf by linen me

floral fete made to order dress by fcpcares

seafoam beachglass nugget by sophiapip

sage frame purse by oktak


prom style #3

vintage copper & coffee bean earrings by enthral

chameleon gown by Isadora clothing

dandelion headpiece by tidabeads

upcycled gold clutch by GetReadySetClutch


prom style #4

womens wallet in red by interrobang

handmade chiffon dress by yystudio

Sandoval curly red feather headband by FeatherBrain

dancing shoes photo by Glowbees


did you ever go to a prom? what did you wear? ... myself... 3 prom dress highlights were certainly: a crazy mint green flapper dress, with the highest heels i've ever worn in my whole life! a full-length ball-gown with silvery bolero jacket to another. and a fully sequined straight ballgown in royal blue glittery craziness to another! oh the styles!

have a great time @ your prom, lovely graduates...
and a trip down memory lane, to us old-timers! :)
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it would be a lovely addition to your handmade prom look! }
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  1. beautiful ensembles! I miss getting all dressed up. I remember 3 prom attires from my days - the first was a crushed velvet green floor length piece, nothing too interesting, but the second was a serious vintage number, had belonged to a friends mom, rusty orange, really cool styling, I wore white mary janes and painted a bunch of white bamboo skewers and stuck them in my up do all over the place, it looked really cool, and was kind of like a weapon all in one.
    Then my senior prom was, of course, the best, found a great pink satin vintage dress at a little place in chicago (i could never pull it off today), backless, cowly drooping neck line, silver vintage shoes ($6) white gloves up to my elbows, white feather boa and then I dyed my hair bleach blonde the night before the prom and did a great spit curl kinda look. Ah the good old days :)

  2. I was pretty nerdy in those days and only went to one prom. I had a blind date and a dress fit for a blind date. But oh how I would love to go to the prom now in any of those outfits. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  3. Oh I love that vintage blue & white dress! Wouldn't that be fun to twirl around in! Great finds, Rikrak. I went to a prom once with a group of friends. I didn't really want to go, but I ended up having the best time. I wore my mom's vintage champagne colored dress. It was a hoot!

  4. oh...although my prom dress was in style at the time it's not such a sweet memory now...tealy blue, knee length chiffon type dress, with some sort of bow at the neck...oh yah, of course I had big, hairsprayed hair!! My date (my husband) wore a light gray tux. A couple of youngsters!!

    Rikrak your prom choices are so much better! I would love to wear any of them! Thanks for including my earrings in your Prom #1!!

  5. Wow-Those are great choices! I love ensemble #2.
    I had a blue and silver dress with silver shoes to match!

  6. very cool! Thanks for including my earrings in one of the ensembles. :)

  7. Oh my, all 4 styles you put together are gorgeous!
    Prom is probably a North American thing, unfortunately we did not have them in Japan, but how I wish I could have gone to one!! (I guess it's like a girl's dream of becoming Cinderella fulfilled?) I was into vintage dresses in my teens so I know I would've picked out a vintage dress, vintage heels and pearls ..
    Thanks for including my purse in this beautiful collection!

  8. HA! Prom memories: I refused to go to mine. My mom was so upset!! Had a great night at a "bush party" out of town insttead!!!

  9. I was actually kinda dreading prom!! I was such a shy and nervous teenager. I ended up wearing basic black for my big night.
    If I could do it again, I would love any of those ensembles. The green really speaks to me now though.

  10. Ooohhhh.... Leslie, a bush party is a great alternative. LOL.

  11. Lovely groupings for prom.

    My mom made my junior and senior prom dresses. Junior = RED tea-length taffeta with scoopneck and tight bodice....Senior was teal satin floor length off-the-shoulder with tight bodice. I designed both and MOM made it happen. I don't know if I'll have the talent to do the same for my daughter!

  12. i love your choices, layouts... all so great. i, however, did not choose as wisely as you seemed to have done for your own prom.

    i wore a teenie tiny white tank dress that had a little skater type feel to it. seriously. 1992. on the strip in Hull no less. (old Ottawans will get the picture)
    i also chose a nasty red and black floral strapless number with MATCHING bolero one year. big hair. yikes. lol. thanks for the memories!

  13. What lovely ensembles! I'm quite partial to the third selection and wish I had worn handmade back in the day for my prom!

  14. GORGEOUS!!! Wow. I actually fell for the coffee ensemble and for prom I was into pastels back then (though I eneded up in gold lame. Did I just admit that???). The dress is stunning, though and that head piece is a winner and a stunner.

    I went to all girl school so we were always having formals and finding ways to actually see boys, lol. Fun times! Great post :)

  15. i think most places in canada call it grad, not prom, and most people only go the year they graduate, not multiple times like i hear about in the US.

    i kinda wish i hadn't gone to mine, actually, it was just a big waste of time and money, but i'd probably regret it if i hadn't!

    i did love my outfit, a gorgeous vintage teal satin gown with beading all down the front. i wore it with purple doc martin boots and my usual messenger bag, which was teal and purple anyway, because i was running super late and didn't have time to switch purses! i couldn't afford to get my hair styled, but i'd been planning on getting it cut anyway, so i chopped my waist length curly hair off into a SHORT inverted a-line bob cut 2 days before, shocking everyone i knew. i wore teal framed sunglasses in my hair, and scattered little teal sparkly star stickers that i'd stuck to velcro and cut out. i really didn't want the roses and baby's breath that all the other girls had, i loved my hair!

    the year after that i was one of the co-organizers of a queer prom, so i got super dressed up for that too. i think i spent more that year than i did on my own grad! i put bright red streaks in my black hair, and wore multiple vintage black and white slips layered over each other, with ripped fishnets and black doc boots. i had giant false eyelashes and bright red lips, black gloves and a vintage black handbag. i love it, it was so much more ME!

    i love the choices you've put together, they're so much more interesting than what most girls end up wearing to grad!

  16. I love choice #1 - soooo CUTE!

    Junior Prom - floor length complete & total Cinderella petal pink gown.

    Senior Prom - Mint green asymetrical, off the shoulder number. More grown up and way more sexy!

  17. yeah, #1 was totally my style. i was all about the vintage in high school. all of my dresses came from rummage sales! made life really easy on my mom.

    and thanks for featuring my ring!

  18. i love that vintage tulle dress! i wore a short jessica mcclintock dress, my mom still has it :)

  19. To my prom I wore a vintage sea green dress with a lacy puff skirt. I found it at Salvation Army for $3 and my mom helped me remake the top. It was fabulous. I had silver half heels and wore my hair in a curly up-do.


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