Tuesday, June 9, 2009

.. and for the boys: the handmade prom

thanks for tuning in yesterday and sharing your favourite prom looks from your own lives! what a gorgeous bunch of lovelies we all must have been @ our own grads & proms! (i especially loved all of the royal blue satin dresses & teased hair tales i heard!) ... now it's time for the boys...
4 handmade prom collections, for the men!
prom style #1
eco friendly gadget bag by humade

james bond french cut mens shoes via dahlila found

mens vintage suit in charcoal gray via shopgoodgrace
modern square ring by anne holman


prom style #2
record vinyl inlay belt buckle by miss courageous

irezumi jacket by studioyoshida
mens windowpane trousers by stewwie
vintage beatnik glasses via ChicDeuxChic

prom style #3

compass cufflinks by
El Primero by urbanblazer
wind turbine silk necktie by toybreaker
recycled mens bag by FRockmen


prom style #4

buckled wrap leather cuff by hollyhawk

jared gold colonial coat by jaredgold

jellyfish necktie by SugarLust

argyle skulls buckle by BionicBenz


what's your fave?

what are some of your fave *boy* prom styles from over the years?

have any fun prom tales to share?

(still a few more hours to enter my little clutch purse giveaway! hurry!)

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  1. Cute! I love that first one! It's my dream man look - James BOND! My date wore a fairly hilarious burgandy jacket to our Prom. You should see the photos!

  2. I like Number One. Classic look that makes all guys look super suave.

  3. Yep, I like the classic look of number one also. Very sophisticated. Good look when it's matching a girl's formal.

  4. Thank you for adding my vintage men's shoes to your prom collection. Very cute overall look too. Very...James Bond!



  5. i like the last 2- they are both super original-looking and not over-the-top...
    actually the last one reminds me a lot of jamie oliver.. whom i'll admit i have a bit of a crush on :)

  6. One year my sister's date wore a tuxedo that had shorts instead of long pants. Black with the satin stripe down the sides. I have to say he looked ridiculous.

  7. I love the looks you've put together, by the way.
    I'd love to get all dressed up for a date again...

  8. MMMMMHMMMM! I'd take any of these looks with me to the PROM. And I also love Jamie Oliver, OfftheHOoks. He WOULD look great in that last outfit!

  9. I'm sort of traditional...I'd go with number one!

  10. I love the wind turbine tie.

  11. Such cool stuff... it almost makes me wish I was a boy. Thanks for including my Foxhunt Gadget Bag!


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