Friday, June 26, 2009

with thanks!

happy friday, lovelies!
well, i have some long overdue thanks i'd like to send out today!

thanks to all of you nicies! your fun comments & followings & the like! i really appreciate it - i'm so lucky to have such a great bunch of folks with me in bloggyville!

square dot printable notecards by upup


thanks so much to all of the nicies who've been featuring me in their lovely Etsy treasuries. a special shout out to those seen here below, who included me in treasuries that went to the front page on Etsy in the past 2 months. many thanks to:
i've been so lucky to have been kindly forwarded some sweet blog awards from a couple of lovelies. thanks to
the yellow finch designs blog
r-anne-dom blog
the cuteasabuggy blog
for the *lovely blog awards*

while i'm not so great @ forwarding them on,
please know how very very much i appreciate it, nicies! that's so sweet of you!


a special thanks to the lovely sweeter than me/KristinFriesen &wonderful buttercupbloom, who were my 1700th & 1800th Etsy sales respectively! as always, i send along some extra few goodies in those 100th packs, and i really appreciate them jumping in to be those folks! yay you nicies!


a special thanks to the various lovelies out there who have so kindly been featuring my little rikrak goodies on their blogs & sites, lately, including: name a few. so many thanks!

have a great weekend, nicies!
with a thankful heart - thanks so much for visiting.
and happy summering!

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  1. You're kind to include all of these thankful-heart tributes. That's another reason why people love to feature you, RR!

  2. what a great post rikrak!

  3. aww what a heartwarming blog post! so very sweet! and congrats on all the treasuries, and features!

    and i just have to say that elephant is adorable!

  4. There's no coincidence that people include you in their treasuries, feature you, want to give you shout-outs... it's plain and simple: you make gorgeous stuffs AND are wonderfully supportive and welcoming. It's a combo that will continue to get you noticed and appreciated! Thank YOU, Ms. rr — you rock.

  5. You're more than welcome - I hope to catch another treasury soon, so I can give you another feature ;)

  6. Hugs, you. And, thanks. You've been so supportive and kind. It is so cool how gratitude multiplies when you share it. x to the o

  7. What a surprise! Thank you rikrak!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!