Monday, June 29, 2009

a lilttle rikrak birthday party: abstract art -making

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monkey thank you cards | by badinage (i love children's thank you cards!)
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happy monday, sweeties! hope you had a great weekend!

the past few weeks we've been celebrating a wonderful thing @ the rikrak home...
little rikrak's birthday.
we're so lucky to have such a little sweetie!

now... mr. rikrak & i am of the firm belief that birthday parties & celebrations are important wonderful things!
how about you?

so in this year's birthday partying brainstorming, one of the fun ideas that came up was a modern art-making party! everyone was so excited about it!
little rikrak is an avid artist in various forms, so it seemed like a fabulous, interactive, handmaking kind of party that he'd adore!

for the event, our family & a group of little rikrak's fabulous little friends headed to our gorgeous national art gallery here in ottawa (gosh i love that place!) and with the help of a fun & enthusiastic guide, we funly explored some of the abstract art @ the gallery. highlights were certainly
discussing movement & balance with the alexander calder sculpture jacaranda (seen below), and form & function with brian jungen's vienna plastic chair sculpture.

it was so wonderful to hear the children's ideas and wonderful insight into the sculptures & paintings!
afterwards, we headed into the studio to make some of our own art: abstract art tshirts with fabric paints! gosh: aren't children the best artists? and the tshirts are such fun party keepsakes!

i've included some fun handmade goodies above that would have gone perfectly with our theme for that party! wouldn't handmade modeling beeswax or handmade playdough be fun to take home in reusable sandwich/goodie bags! fun!

so thanks to the fabulous gallery for a wonderful event! still a couple more little rikrak birthday parties to come!
(the only benefit of not living in close proximity to our fun families = lotsa parties! :)

i never tire of celebrating that wonderful little soul!
have a festive day! hope it can be filled with some beautiful little celebrations!

calder's beautiful jacaranda @ the national gallery of canada
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  1. What a fun sounding party.
    Happy birthday to little Rikrak!

  2. Happy Birthday little Rikrak!
    Sounds like fun. I'll keep these ideas in mind...

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to your little man!

    I love love love birthdays, they are a celebration of our lives!!
    Little rikrak's birthday sounds like it was so much fun!!

  4. happy birthday little rikrak!
    great ideas for birthdays!
    thanks for including mr.turtle :)

  5. Happy Birthday little RikRak!

    Awesome ideas for a celebration!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Little Rikrak! Obviously, he's already a talented artist like his mommy!

  7. Thanks so much for including my dough! Happy Birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Little Rikrak!
    I've received my pouch :)) I love it, thank you, AGAIN!!!
    big hug Isabel

  9. Excellent post!! Very informative... Looking for more posts like this!! Do you have twitter or an RSS feed?
    Anyway thank you for this info.


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