Friday, June 5, 2009

one of my favourite signs of summer!

{ psst: can i tell you a bit of a secret? it's not a very popular sentiment here in my lovely homeland of Canada, but i am SOOOO excited about the NHL hockey season... almost being over! }

it's true. no offence to all of the hockey fans out there, but i love that soon... soon... there will be a ever-so-brief hockey break..... *sigh* ... and it will be a lovely wonderful summer... til hockey starts again!

the boys @ the rikrak home are hockey nuts. fun hockey playing (that part i like!), 24 hour a day hockey updates, hockey news, hockey reading, hockey costumes, ... it's pretty much all hockey craziness, all the time....

so while it sure isn't very Canadian... i've gotta say... i'm kinda happy that soon, when the stanley cup is won by either the Detroit Red Wings or the Pittsburgh Penguins, there will be a brief, little, happy hockey break. *sigh* .... anyone with me? so here's to the end of one LONG season (hockey) and the start of another (summer!)

have a great weekend, hockey nuts and all!
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  1. i'm with you!
    when people talk about the playoffs, or hockey in general, i usually have no idea what they're talking about!

    though, my first year living in edmonton, i lived 5 blocks away from whyte avenue, where it was absolute CRAZINESS every night the oilers played. it was pretty amusing, and i even did walk down there once to stroll in the crowd (though i didn't manage to climb the telephone poles or light garbage cans on fire like some folks did) but i sure didn't sleep too well those nights!

  2. I don't live anywhere even close to Canada BUT all three of the boys in my house are HUGE penguins fans and I am so looking forward to the end of this season as well :)

  3. I hear ya sister... too bad it coincides with the start of camping season... another canuck tradition I personally could do without!!


  4. HA - Hubby is a hockey fan, but not diehard. Altho, he is with one this weekend in Lake George and they are tracking the Penguin games...

  5. I have to say I was never a big fan either. Although my dad and DH are fans. Even my little 3 year old wants in on the game: he wants to play hockey in the kitchen with plastic baseball bats and baseballs :)
    I've only ever been to one game & that was the Penguins in Pittsburgh. It was ages ago & I can't even remember if they won!

  6. LOLLLL!!! Me too! me too!! I love my mister and all he does but his obsession with the games are nuts to me. I grew up in a non-sports home and HE grew up in a home full of boys in MONTREAL!!! :D so needless to say it's one of the few differences we have. I can't freakin' wait 'till it's all over. gah! :) :)

  7. OH YES! I wholeheartedly agree, RR! Cheers to the END!! (but I do hope the Penguins at least win!!!!)

  8. I HEAR YOU!
    The end is near :)
    All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS for DVR or else I'd go insane. At least my hubby is (usually) kind enough to watch after I've gone to bed. I can't take any more!!!

  9. i used to be super into watching amateur hockey and ringette and figure skating when i was growing up in manitoba, because ALL my friends played something, but as soon as i moved out to the west coast, that was the end of it.

    i was SO HAPPY when the canucks got out of the stanley cup race! i was so tired of the honking and the screaming.

  10. I'm glad it will be over this week. I can finally get my husband back and have normal conversation instead of trying to think of questions about why he prefers one team over the other... LOL!


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