Friday, May 29, 2009

patterns & shapes: ovals

oh patterns & shapes ... i adore you!
here's the next in the series on the beautiful shapes around us! enjoy!


scalloped mirror by uncommon
turquoise oval silver earrings by limegreenmodern
organic crochet ring by ElinThomas
goats milk soap by sissy soap
oval crochet bins pattern by knotsewcute
fortune cookie embroidery by MelissaSue
hammered flat oval links by prolifique
shabby chic oval silhouette by KZukowski
modern maple oval teether by littlealouette
oval bamboo ring by bikudesigns

i adore the oval.
to me, it's strong & soft.
flexible & sturdy.
classic & modern.

lovely & beautiful.

love those characteristics.
wishing you all these things, nicies. have a wonderful weekend.
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  1. OOOOH! Ovals ARE pretty! Have a great weekend, RikRak!

  2. My little guy and I love playing with shapes - have a happy weekend!

  3. I love your collection of ovals..I have the same affinity for interesting shapes and patterns! :)

  4. I love the oval, It's so much more interesting than the circle.
    adornyourself (Kathy)

  5. What a beautiful collection!! So soft and oval! :0) Love it!

    *sissy soap*

  6. gorgeous curation, love the shape and the colors. nice job! i especially love the crochet bowls.

  7. I agree, ovals are beautiful. Nice collection!

  8. I have chosen you to receive the "Lovely Blog Award". I enjoy your site and I think you deserve this. Please visit my site to read the rules of the award and to copy the award. Takes just a few minutes.

  9. I am loving all of your OVULAR picks!

  10. Great collection you put together! Love the ovals!


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