Monday, May 25, 2009

proud mommy moments

i've gotta say... i'm a proud mommy.

not that either one of us are always at our best...
but ...
i'm always so proud of my little sweetie.

that he's a kind little soul.
that he works hard and tries his best.
i'm so proud of the little sweetheart he is. thoughtful, loving, generous.

an especially great little proud mommying moment happened this past weekend.
i don't usually post about all of my proud little sweetie moments (there are so many when you're a parent, an auntie, a teacher, aren't there?!) but i thought i'd share this one with you.

there was a great big garage sale going on this past weekend in ottawa.
(more on that later - how i LOVE garage sales!)

weeks ago when little rikrak and i were talking about it, he mentioned that he'd love to sell some of his own toys, make & sell some cookies, and donate all of the money to the local food bank. we had been talking about food banks that week, and the wonderful things food banks do for our community.

i was so thrilled to hear him say that.
i was so touched to hear his thinkings on how he could help others. i was so proud of him for using his creativity to help problem solve.

so last week we prepared.
he gathered toys. we baked cookies. we made lemonade. we made fun signs.

on saturday morning it was a great sight.
neighbours and others generously gathering around. little rikrak busy pouring juice, taking it all in. little rikrak & i both seeing how one person, regardless of their age, can certainly make a difference!

i know there are mixed feelings in the parenting community about showing children that you're proud of them. but i have to say... i can't help it.
i'm so proud of our little sweetie.
if i ever dreamed what qualities i would hope my child to have, having a kind heart and sharing it with the world would be at the top of the list.

so that's me.
a very proud mommy with a grateful heart.
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  1. Oh you're raising a sweetheart for sure, RR! That is a very sweet tale. Like mommy, like son!

  2. wha a darling!! heard all about that garage sale in ottawa!

  3. What a sweet little man you are raising!! He is pretty special, just like his mommy!!

  4. That's so sweet and caring. When my younger brother was about 8 he saw a homeless person and gave them his pocket money! its nice to see kids can be so thoughtful so young.

  5. I think that's wonderful rikrak! And it builds a child's self esteem to know that adults around them are proud of them too. When I meet with my daughter's teachers, I happier when they tell me about when she showed care and compassion to a fellow student, than just to hear about marks and proficiency.

  6. That's a very sweet story! Well deserved to be a proud momma for a bit!

  7. >>>>you should be a proud parent! what a GREAT big thing little rikrak has learned - when he has enough, maybe someone else needs some help. i hope my little guy will follow in little rikrak's footstep :)

  8. I think that it is great that you are showing your little one that you are proud! :) What sweet thing to do. I hope you did well on Saturday, this year's turnout was better than any other I found.


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