Monday, May 11, 2009

the joy of a handmade gift

one of my wonderful handmade mother's day gifts from little rikrak, may 2009

happy monday, nicies!
hope you had a great weekend.

isn't a handmade gift just one of the best things in life?
i been so lucky to have been given so many cherished handmade gifts over the years from friends and family.

and now, as a mommy, i'm so fortunate to have a series of wonderful, annual little handmade mother's day gifts from from my little sweetie.

i just adore this collection of beautiful, thoughtful, artistic expressions by little rikrak, and each one is like a wonderful artistic little time capsule... reminding me of what thoughts filled little rikrak's mind each year in may.

one year, it was trucks trucks trucks painted on canvas ( oh how little rikrak used to adore trucks!)
one year, a series of drawings of little rikrak and i playing @ the park. so very very sweet.
this year, beautiful bird art from our special times this season birdwatching in our own backyard and around the city. (you can see one of them above!)
what a little sweetie!

for me, there's no better gift!

do you have some precious handmade gifts you love?
i'd love to hear about them.
happy handmaking.
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  1. What a lovely little sweetie you have rikrak, gorgeous little birds!
    My children are almost grown, in my eye they will always be children, but it was a huge treat just to talk to them on the phone yesterday. They both live far away from home.

  2. Happy mother's day for yesterday!
    I love those handmade nicies too!
    I was given a beautiful card and a bracelet from my eldest daughter...she sang me a couple of beautiful mother's day songs too...which I know she had been practicing for days..lots of happy tears this weekend.
    Beautiful birds by the way from your little mini Rikrak!

  3. What a beautiful picture you received, RikRak!
    I was so touched to get and handmade bracelet by our daughter, and a nice long call from our son. Hope you had a perfect Mother's Day!

  4. Adorable bird drawing! I received homemade cards this year and also some plants started with seeds. Not sure what they are - my son claims they are maple trees LOL!

  5. What a talented artist!
    My little almost-3-year-old son went for a walk with his dad Saturday night, and brought me back a perfect yellow daisy. I told him I would keep it forever....pressing it in a book.

  6. awww... that is so sweet!
    i can't wait to have some little sweeties of my own!

  7. Hope your Mothers Day was so nice! That's a great picture. I can't wait to have my own!!!!

  8. Looks like your little sweetie hit the genetic gene pool jackpot. Nice!


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