Wednesday, May 27, 2009

spring cleaning

i've gotta say.

i'm a little late on the draw.
we're kind of just doing our spring cleaning these days here @ the rikrak home (even though spring has sprung for a while now!)
... but as it's said... it's never too late to clean!

here's the thing. i don't mind cleaning, i just don't do it all that often!
but there sure is a great feeling once something is nice and tidy and clean.
the thing i really need to spring clean are my rikrak supply shelves, but that will have to wait for a wee bit!

today it's the kitchen & living room overhaul @ my place. wish me luck!

do you have a cleaning regimen?
what's your fave cleaning chore, and least favourite?
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  1. I don't like ANY cleaning. Are you crazy? :>

    BUT if I had to choose one, I guess doing the dishes isn't so bad. In a weird way, it's a bit relaxing!

  2. you should come by my house and help me clean and organize my crafting areas. that would be spectacular. :)

  3. Blah, I do despise all cleaning.. really I do...

    I have no favourites I despise them equally..


  4. No favourites here LOL!

    We really need to wash our windows though. Didn't get to them last year. I should probably wash the screens too.

  5. Cleaning ! Please don't swear like that , LOL . I'm having a BIG cleanup in my craftroom at the moment and it's Autumn here .

  6. I'd have to say I don't clean as often as I should....when I do, it's a bit extreme = I much prefer organizing things!

  7. thanks, sweeties! cleaning update: kitchen: done!
    living room: done!
    little rikrak bedroom: done!
    still more to go! i'm running out of steam! :)


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